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Table 2. Collecting stations occupied on Saba Bank, 2006-2007.

Station numberRoving & RotenoneCoordinatesDateDepth (m)Local nameDescription of habitat
Saba-06-01RR0117o28.778N; 63o13.663W04 Jan 200630North East ReefN.E. reefs, just S of Poison Bank. Spur and groove reef, low relief, many algae (Dictyota)-rotenoned a groove in reef with sand at bottom, walls of groove with low corals
Saba-06-02RR0217o26.883N; 63o54.055W05 Jan 200638Small Bank SouthSmall Bank South. Scattered corals, many Xestospongia. Nassau grouper, yellowfin grouper, and black grouper sighted. Nurse shark-rotenoned area with encrusting corals
Saba-06-03RR0317o25.778N; 63o41.037W05 Jan 200635Rhodolith ReefWestern patch reef, many rodoliths-rotenoned a flat area with sponges and rubble bottom
Saba-06-0417o18.557N; 63o22.019W05 Jan 200635Fish Trap- Local Fishermen
Saba-06-05RR0417o24.602N; 63o11.748W06 Jan 200627Redman BulgeEastern reef, spur and groove, medium height, many algae (dictyota)
Saba-06-06RR0517o26.028N; 63o16.536W06 Jan 200622Seaweed citypavement covered with ca. 10 cm sand layer, Pseudopterogorgia, many algae species
Saba-06-0717o33.697N; 63o46.949W0-1Caught on hook and line while trolling over Saba Bank
Saba-06-08RR0617o33.092N; 63o28.758W07 Jan 200637Grouper Bankbare pavement, occasional solution holes, Manicinias, many conch (old)
Saba-06-09RR0717o34.893N; 63o24.400W07 Jan 200630Rendezvous Hillpavement with corals, low relief-rotenoned a low-relief coral reef with soft and hard corals, and sponges
Saba-06-1017o25.883N; 63o21.874W08 Jan 20060-1Caught on hook and line while trolling over Saba Bank
Saba-06-11RR0817o14.070N; 63o26.915W08 Jan 200625Butterfly ReefSouthern outer reef. Spur and groove, medium height (2-3 ft)
Saba-06-12RR0917o14.380N; 63o26.915W08 Jan 200618Brain coral reefSouthern inner reef, rock pavement, scattered corals
Saba-06-13RR1017o33.801N; 63o17.806W09 Jan 200632Fishpot surprisesloping pavement with ledges, sand patches and large rubble, algae, scattered corals-rotenoned an area with sand and loose rock at base of rocky slope with brown algae abundant.
Saba-06-1417o33.970N; 63o17.227W09 Jan 200640Fish Trap
Saba-06-1517o33.897N; 63o17.730W09 Jan 200640Fish Trap
Saba-06-1617o33.878N; 63o17.168W10 Jan 200640Fish Trap
Saba-06-17RR1117o33.849N; 63o17.872W10 Jan 200626Lost anchorSloping pavement, patches of large rubble, algae, scattered corals; red hind spawning area
Saba-06-1817o33.837N; 63o17.962W10 Jan 200630Fish Trap
Saba-06-19RR1217o33.686N; 63o17.629W10 Jan 200626Moonfish BankSloping pavement, sand patches, large rubble, algae, scattered corals; red hind spawning area
Saba-06-2017o30.751N; 63o13.632W12 Jan 200629Poison BankRotenone
Saba-06-2117o28.046N; 63o14.978W12 Jan 200619Rotenone-northeastern shallow flats
Saba-06-2217o26.390N; 63o27.776W13 Jan 200626Rotenone-flat bottom in central area of bank