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Figure 34. Holocentrus rufus, 153.2 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 35. Myripristis jacobus, 114.7 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.


Scorpaena albifimbria Evermann & Marsh, 1900coral scorpionfish; USNM, I; Figure 40

Scorpaena bergii Evermann & Marsh, 1900goosehead scorpionfish; USNM, I

Scorpaena grandicornis Cuvier, 1829plumed scorpionfish; USNM, I; Figure 41

Scorpaena inermis Cuvier, 1829 mushroom scorpionfish; USNM, I, T; Figures 42, 43

Two color morphs were collected at Saba Bank, a red morph (Figure 42) and a yellow morph (Figure 43).

Scorpaena plumieri Bloch, 1789spotted scorpionfish; USNM, I

Figure 36. Neoniphon marianus, 98.2 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 37. Plectrypops retrospinis, 71.5 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.
Figure 38. Sargocentron coruscum, juvenile, 31.1 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.

Scorpaenodes caribbaeus Meek & Hildebrand, 1928reef scorpionfish; USNM, I; Figure 44


All of the searobin records from Saba Bank are based on trawl collections with vouchered museum specimens.

Bellator egretta (Goode & Bean, 1896)streamer searobin; USNM, T

Bellator militaris (Goode & Bean, 1896)horned searobin; UF, T

Figure 39. Sargocentron coruscum, 81.7 mm SL, photo by JT Williams.