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This page needs to be proofread.

And in love'i deiport roark them as bis oir& B; BO ig^Doble puncture plainly shona May that Divinity hi* pon'ri teleot And Terumaia migbiy king protect. The alphabet that like a roaary seems By her lute's melody soon raeltia streams And all around reflect lair Vaiji's face As Gad SiipTeme perrading time and spaco May she the gift of EltHjoeBce confer On Terumala king nithout compeer Arria nhen nitb Jealous rage possessed To ber great consort this reproach addressed Well'. Weill TbouTaithles-to ray marriage bed Mandakini, tbou keepest on thy head. WhiUt 1 alasl am dnindl'd half avrny ihe God prostrating then tegaii to pray T* appease her ire by humbly bending low But Giinga naxing nrath did clamarous grow Tills Sumbhu tied hia hair, this pretext i»g«  The Goddcsn silenced and restiaiued her sago May that great Being in a bounteous shon'r On Terumala all bis mercies pour On eitlier side w itK fragrant braded hair. Like dusky clouds that flnat in ambient air With ornamental symbols on each sida Of fDll'blonu ahiiuDg in their beauties prido D,„i,i=dbvGoogIe