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a severe misfortune in the loss of his Royal Patron Krishna Deva Maha Rajah—the poet wrote a very pathetic elegy on the occasion, and lamented the loss of the King in strains the more touching as they were really felt. The sorrow that Allasani Peddana expressed was unfeigned on his part as the munificence of his Royal Master, on many occasions created in our poet sentiments of the most fervent gratitude. Allasani did not long outlive his Royal Patron, for he died a few months after Krishna Deva, at his own residence at Doranala. The heir and successor of Krishna Deva, Rama Roynloo shewed great kindness to our poet, who enjoyed great reputation. His works are disseminated in every province where the Telugu language is spoken and understood, and few poets have existed who gained more popularity during his life time and was esteemed by posterity than Allasani Peddana.


This Was a very ancient poet, he was born in three thousand and odd years of the Kaleyug—