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the banks for some time, till the torrent had in a great measure subsided, when they attempted to Cross it, but found themselves neck-deep in water in a very short time — at this juncture Sankarachari called aloud to his mother, and said, that unless she gave him permission to become a Synassi, they must both inevitably perish, but that if she would consent, he would by his prayers save both their lives. The perilous situation in which they were placed, induced the mother of Sankarachari to give her approbation to her son's request, and it is said, the prophet in consequence swam over the river, with his mother on his back. When they gained the dry ground he prostrated himself before his mother, whom he afterwards circumambulated according to prescribed rules, and then proceeded to Karnata, where he remained until he completed his knowledge in various sciences.

After some time, Sankarachari went to KanchI, "where he confuted numerous priests of the Budha religion, who were put to death in oil-mills, by Himasitala Maharajah their king, as had been agreed to by the parties previous to the contro-