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been an incaroatiou of Sesha the Serpent, on which Vishnu reclines, and they raised a metallic image as a representation of Ramanujachari, and denominated him one of the twelve chief Alwers.


This was a celebrated Historian and Poet, he flourished in the eleventh century of the Salivahana aera, during the reign of Anunga Bhima. He was the son of Damora, and his grandfather's name was Rhagavadeo, who was the chief pundit at the court of Rajah Humvera, this poet composed a work, called Humvera Vijaya, in which the genealogy and actions of the kings of Humvera are noted down, he also wrote a volume on miscellaneous subjects, and named it Sarnadhara Padhati. Sarnadha lived to a good old age, but no authentic accounts of the time or manner of his death has been handed down to posterity.