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dent, and was tilted; the affectionate woman on hearing this false intelligence, fell down in a swoon, and expired. At the usual hour, Tatachari arrived, and beholding the fate of his wife, immediately died of grief, so this amiable couple in one day met an untimely fate. Tatachari was much regretted by all classes of the inhabitants, for, exclusive of his pre-eminent erudition, he was a most affable and benevolent individual bestowing large sums of money on the indigent, especially for marriage ceremonies.


This poet was a bramin, and a native of Kakambari, which is an Agrahar, situated on the banks of the Godaveri, and which was granted to certain bramins, by Mukanti; the place was in the district of Rajamahendri, in the Telugu country. Potiah was the son of Singiah, and had three brothers, whose names are Singiah, Komaraswami, aod Anamiah. He studied the Telugu language in his infancy, and as at the age of eighteen, he was a perfect master of the dialect; he learnt Sanscrit and