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Birth and Parentage—Education at Midhurst and Oxford University—Attended Lectures of Dr Buckland—Called to the Bar and Practised as a Barrister—"On the Marls of Forfarshire"—Visited France—Introduced to Cuvier and Humboldt—Professorship of Geology at King's College—F.R.S.—The Principles of Geology—Lyell and Lamarck—Darwin and Lyell—Geological Uniformity and Continuity—Definition of Geology Classification of Rocks—"On the Volcanic Districts of Auvergne"—"On the Tertiary Formations of Aix-enProvence"—Division of the Tertiary Rocks—His Marriage—Elements of GeologyTravels in North America—Knighted and afterwards Created a Baronet—Refuted the Theory of Elevation Craters—On The Antiquity of ManThe Student's Elements of Geology—Honours—Death—Burial in Westminster Abbey 104
Birth and Parentage—Education—School Work—Observations upon the Weather—On Vision of ColoursConstitution of Mixed Gases—J. P. Joule—Dalton's Atomic Theory—Law of Multiple Proportions—Avogadro's Law—The Law of Dulong and Petit—Dalton's Manchester Laboratory—Chemistry and Wealth of Nations—"On the Absorption of Gases by Water and other Liquids"—New System of Chemical Philosophy—Atomic Weights—Sizes, etc., of Atoms—Structure of an Atom—Electrons—Rutherford, George Darwin and Smithells on the Atomic Theory—Composition of the Air—As a Lecturer—F.R.S.—Honours—Visited Paris—Civil List Pension—His Character—Imagination (the Value of)—Death—Public Funeral—Posthumous Honours—Statue by Chantrey—Fresco by Madox Brown in the Manchester Town Hall—Dalton Scholarships at Manchester University—Würtz and Dalton's Atomic Theory 114
Birth and Parentage—Tobolsk Gymnasium—Education at St Petersburg University—Studied in Paris—Teacher and Chemist in the Crimea—Heidelberg—Professorship in the Technological Institute at St Petersburg—Professorship at the University—His Character—As a Lecturer—Loyalty to the House of Romanoff—His Estate near Moscow—Principles of Chemistry—The Periodic Law—His Predictions—Mendeléeff's Letter to the Author—"An Attempt towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether"—On Non-Valent Gases—Coronium—On Solutions—Absolute Boiling-Point—Naphtha Production