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Brother Woodard writes from Italy. — Brother Stenhouse from Switzerland. — Lorenzo visits Wales. — Untimely plaudit. — A Bedlamite night encounter. — Ultimate fate of the hotel and its Landlord.

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Address to the Saints. — Responsibility of those holding the Priesthood. — Eternal prospects. — The best policy in governing. — Priesthood to be honored. — By benefiting others we benefit ourselves. — Must pass through suffering. — Must be pure and humble. — Need patience. — Estimation of F. D. Richards. — His wise policy. — Progress of the mission. — Expression of gratitude. — The Editor speaks. — Lorenzo's courage and faithfulness.

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Editor's reflections. — Lorenzo writes to President Richards. — Completed Translation of the Book of Mormon. — Visits Paris, Pleasure of meeting Saints. — Condition of the people, Goes to Geneva. — Degradation of woman. — Meets Elder Stenhouse. — Interesting meetings. — At Lausanne. — Professor Reta. — Benefit of Elder Taylor's French publications.

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Editor's note. — Lorenzo writes. — Leaves Geneva. — Over the hills. — Over the Alps. — A heavy snow storm. — Only two passengers in the coach. — Ten horses barely sufficient. — “Houses of Recovery” erected by the government for lost travelers. — Reaches Turin. — Meets Elders Woodard and Toronto. — Interesting “re-union.” — Visions. — Healings. — Condition of Italy. — Brother Woodard's course commendable. — The Waldenses.

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Editor's Remarks. — Lorenzo writes from Malta. — Naples. — Across the Mediterranean. — Detention. — Disappointed. — Makes virtue of necessity. — Samuel succeeds his brother. — Lorenzo explains cause of detention. — Revised edition of the "Voice of Joseph." — Prospects in Malta. — Michael and Lucifer represented. — In Gibraltar. — Good news from India. — Extracts. — Elder Willis writes. — One hundred and eighty-nine members. — Ordained two Elders. — More Baptisms.

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Closing the Mission. — Elder Jabez Woodard writes. — Leaves Malta. — Elder Obray succeeds him. — A vision related. — Commendatory of Elder Malan. — Extract from Elder Obray 's letter. — From Western Hindostan. — Opposition. — What a soldier dared. — The result. — Military oppose Missionaries. — A Branch organized in Poonah. — The "Voice of Joseph," by Elder Lorenzo Snow. — “The Only Way to be Saved” republished. — A remarkable vision.

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Close of Mission. — Bids adieu to the Saints and scenes of his labors. — Poem, in which martial and ecclesiastical labors and honors are contrasted. — Lorenzo returns home. — Chosen Member of Legislature. — President of Council. — Reflections. — Joy and sorrow. — Vision. — A covenant. — Charlotte's death. — Singular manifestation. — A little prattler. — Quandary. — Solution. — Social party. — Storm. — Drenched. — Lorenzo decides to build. — A struggle. — Proves a success.

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Discourse by Elder L. Snow, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City. — Blessings proportioned to faith and diligence. — Plainness of the Gospel. — Naaman, the Assyrian. — How the Gospel found us. — The same as that