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surface of the water, all around, to a great distance. We saw many persons spreading their nets and lines, but they all seemed to be stationary, whereas we were in continual motion. While passing one of them, I discovered that a fish had got upon my hook, and I thought that it might perhaps disturb this man's feelings to have it caught, as it were, out of his hands, nevertheless, we moved along, and came to the shore. I then drew in my line, and was not a little surprised and mortified at the smallness of my prize. I thought it very strange, that among such a multitude of noble, superior looking fish, I should have made so small a haul. But all my disappointment vanished when I discovered that its qualities were of a very extraordinary character.

While encircled by many persons of noble bearing and considerable intelligence, a prospect seemed opening for the employment of some among them, in the work of the ministry. But the Lord judgeth not as man judgeth. The first native in these valleys that I ordained to preach the Gospel, was one who swayed no extensive influence, and boasted no great natural abilities; but he sought the Lord with fasting and prayer; and the Spirit rested upon him mightily, showing him in the dreams of night, the glorious reality of the work with which he had become associated.

Feeling it wisdom to send Elder Stenhouse to Switzerland, and to leave Elder Woodard in Italy, and knowing the formidable character of the difficulties with which they must struggle, I resolved to bestow upon them such blessings as they required in the discharge of their important duties; and as there is power, knowledge and wisdom in the High Priesthood of God, I felt it to be in accordance with the mind of the Spirit that they should be called to that office.

We have here no Temple—no building made by human hands, but the mountains tower around us—far above all the edifices which Protestants and Papists use in this country.

On Sunday, the twenty-fourth of November, we ascended