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Snow visited, and left bis blessing on the place, investigation has increased day by day. His writings are spreading among all classes. I may say, with confidence, there is not a minister, Protestant, Catholic or Methodist of any shade or color in Geneva, but is more or less acquainted with "Mormonism" and Lorenzo Snow.

A few days before I left, I had the satisfaction of listening to the expose' of "Mormonism," by the Rev. Mr. Guers, a Methodist. I felt so truly thankful for his kindness that I could not refrain from testifying my gratitude by distributing among his congregation Elder Snow's "Ancient Gospel Restored," with a polite invitation to read still further on the same subject.

At the close of this interesting meeting, another, more select, was held, when about thirty persons, including seven parsons, sat down to tea, that they might, over the social cup, discuss the best means to prevent the spread of "Mormonism."

Through this expose' the eyes of my landlord were opened to behold the work of God. In a few days afterwards he sought baptism. The day I left Geneva, I ordained him to the holy office of an Elder. This brother speaks the French and German fluently.

In the Swiss cantons, French, German and Italian are spoken. In the course of a little time, when Elders Taylor and Snow will have ushered into the world the Book of Mormon in those languages, I believe a great work will be done in Switzerland to the honor and glory of Israel's God. A German gentleman, who has been captivated with Elder Snow's writings, has promised to put them in German as soon as possible.

In concluding, I cannot but express the deep obligations that I feel to President Snow for the paternal care which he has shown to myself and fellow laborers.