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wife. A term used of a husband who joins in a deed, is seised of an estate, brings a suit, etc. in the right or on the behalf of his wife. 3 Bl. Comm. 210.

{{anchor+|.|Uxor et filius sunt nomina naturæ. Wife and son are names of nature. 4 Bac. Works, 350.

{{anchor+|.|Uxor non est sui juris, sed sub potes- tate viri. A wife is not her own mistress,

but is under the power of her husband. 3 Inst. 108.

Uxor sequitur domicilium viri. A wife follows the domicile of her husband. Tray. Lat. Max. 606.

UXORICIDE. The killing of a wife by her husband; one who murders his wife.

Not a technical term of the law.