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VIIS ET MODIS. Lat. In the ecclesiastical courts. service of a. decree or citation who ct mudis, L 8., by all “ways and means" lilzeiy to affect the party with knowledge of its contents, is equivalent to substituted service in the temporal courts, and is opposed to personal service. Pl1ii1im_ Ecc. Law, 1258. 128-3.

VILL. In old English law, this word was used to signify the parte iuto which a hundred or wupentalie was divided. It also signifies a Loan or city.

—Demi-vill. A town consisting of five treemen, or frank-pledges. Speiman.

Villa est ex pluribnl mansionibun Vl- clnata, et collata ex plurilms vicinis, at sub Appellations willarum continentur liurgi et civitates. C-0. Lltt. 1.15. Vlli is a neighborhood of many mansions, a collection of many ncighliors, and under the term of "vills" boroughs and cltla are contained.

VILLA REGIA. Lat royal residence. Speiman.

In Saxon law. A

VILLAGE.}} Any small assemblage oi! houses for dwellings or business, or both, in the country, whether they are situated upon regularly laid out streets and aileys or not. constitutes a vliiage. Hebert v. Lavalle, 27 Iii. 448.

In some states. this is the legal description of a ciass of municipal corporations or smaller population than “cltles" and having a simpler form of government, and corresponding to "towns" and "horonghs," as these terms are employed elsewhere.

VILLAIN. An opprobrious epithet. implying great moral delinquency, and equiv- alent to knave, rascal, or scoundrsi. The word is llbslous. 1 Bos, an F. 331.

VTLLANIS ICEG-IS S'lJ'BTRAC'I“IS REDUCENDIS. A Writ that lay for the bringing back of the king’s bondmen, that had been carried away by others out of his iuanors whcreto they belonged. Beg. Orig.


VILLANUM SERVITIUM. lish law. 13. § 1.

In old Eng- Viiiein service. Fleta, 11b. 3, C.

VILLEIN. A person attached to a man- or, who was substantially in the condition of a slave, who performed the hase and ser- viie work upon the manor for the lord, and \\as_ in most respects, a subject of properly and belonging to him. 1 Washb. Rea] Prop. 20.

—Villei.n in on. A viliein wbo was annexed to the person of the lord, and transferable by deed from one owner to another. Bl. Comm. 93.i—Villei.n 1-egnrdant. A viiiein an-



nosed to the manor of land: a serf.—Villein services. Base services. such as viiieins performed. 2 Bl. Comm. 93. They were not, how- ever, exclusiveiy confined to villains, since they might be performed by freemeu, without impairing their free condition. Bract. foi. 241i —Villein sooage. In feudal and aid English law. A species of tenure in which the 59l'VlC(‘S to be rendered were certain and deter-m‘ ate, but were of a base or serviie nature; 9. e., not suitable to a man of free and honorabie rank This was also called “pr-ivileged villoin e." to distinguish it from ‘pure villeinage," in which the sorvlca were not certain, but the tenant was obiiged to do whatever he was com- manded. Bl. Comm. 61.

VILLENAGIE. A servile kind of tenure belonging to lands or tenements, whereby the tenant was bound to do all such services as the lord comnmniled, or were lit for a villein to do. Cowell. See VILLEIN.

—Piu-e villenage. A base tenure, where a man holds upon terms of doing whatsocier is commanded of him, nor knows in the evening what is to be done in the morning, and is al-

ways bound to an uncertain seriice. 1 Staph. Comm. (7th Ed.) 188.

VILLENOITS JUDGMENT. A judgment which deprived one of his lib:-ra lcz, whereby he was discredited and disabled as a juror or witz\e.§; forfeited his goods and chattels and lands for life: wasted the lands. razed the houses, rooted up the trees, and committed his body to prison. It has become obsolete. 4 Bl. Comm. 136; 4 Steph. Comm. 230; 4 Broom .1. H. Comm. 153. Wharton.

Vim vi 1-epellex-e lieet, modo flat mode-

-amine inciiljmtaa tutelse, non ad samendnm vindictam, sed ad jiropnlsandam in-

juri.-im. It is iuivful to repel force by force, provided it be done with the moderation of blameless defense, not for the purpose of taking revengs, but to ward oil’ injury. Co. Litt 16241.

VINAGIUM. A payment of a certain quantity, of wine ilJSt("ld of rent for a vineyard. 2 Mon. Aug. p. 980.

VINCULACION. In Spanish Law. An entail. Schm. Civil Law, 308.

VINCULO. chain, or tie of marriage. cop.b.1.tlt6.c.1,E2.

In Spanish i.-iw. Thebond. White, New Re-

VINGULO MATRIMONII. See A VIN- cULo Ma-ranioriir; Drvoacn.

VINCULUM JURIS. Lat. In the R0- man law, an obligation is defined as 21 viticu- lum jiiria, 4. 6., "a bond of law," whereby one party becomes or is bound to another to do something according to law.

VINDEX. A db- fender.

Lat In the civil law.