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Browne. Browne's Pennsylvania Reports; ——Browne's Reports, vols. 97-114 Massachu- setts;—Browne, New York Civil Procedure. See also Bro. and Brown.

Brown A.& R. Brown's United States District Court Reports (Admiralty and Beve nue Cases).

B1-ow-n, Adm. miralty Reports.

Bx-own, Ch. (or Brown Uh. Can . Broun‘s Chancery Cases, English.

Bx-own, Glv. & Adm. Law. Brown's Civil and Atliuirnlty Law.

Bx-ow-n Eco. Brown’: Ecclesiastical Reports, Eufllish.

Brown N. P. us Reports.

Bx-ow-n N. P. Car. Cases, English.

Brawn P. C. Brown's Parliamentary Cases, English [louse of Lords.

Brown, Pa:-1. Cu. Brown's I‘uriinmentary Cases, English House of Lords. .

Brown sup.1Jec. Brown's Supplement to Morrison's Dictionary, Session Cases. Scot- lnnd.

Brow-n Syn. sions, Scotch.

Brow-n. & Gold. Brownlow & Goldesbor- 0ugh's English Common Pleas Reports.

Brown & H. Brown 6: E[eInlng\vay’s Reports, vols. 5358 MiSSl.SSlDpl.

Bx-own.& Lush. Browning & Lushing- ton's English Admiralty Reports.

Brown's United States Ad-

Brow-n's Michigan Nisi Pri-

Brown's Nisi Prius

Brown's Synopsis of Deci-

Bruwne, Div. Browne’s Divorce Court Practice.

Brow-no N. B. C. Browne's National Bank Cases

Browne, Prob. Pr. Browne's Probate Practice.

Browne az Grey. Browne & Gray's Reports, vols. 110-111 Massachusetts.

Brow-ne on Mann. Browne 6: Macnamara's English Railway and Csnni Cases.

Bx-ownl. (or Brown]. & G-0111.). Brown- low (2 Goldeshorougtrs English Common Pleas Reports.

B:-n. (or Br-uee). of session Reports.

Bruce‘s Scotch Court

Bren. Bruuner's Collective Cases, United States. Bl'Ilnk.Ix'.Dig. Brunker's Irish Com-

mon Law Digest.

Bx-miner Sel.Das. Brunnt-r's Selected Cases United States Circuit Courts.

Bt. Benedict's United States District Court Reports.

Bueh. Buchanan's (Eben J, or James) Reports, Cape of Good Hope.

Buck. Gas. (or 'I‘r.). Ruch:1nnn’s Re markabie Criminal Cases, Scotland. Buck. Ct. Ap. Cape G. H. Buchanan's

(‘ourt of Appeals Reports, Cape of Good Hope.

Bnc11.!:. Cape G. H. E. Buchanan’: Reports, Cape of Good Hope.

Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)—19


Bur-rill, Ch-e. Ev.

Buck. 11. D. Cape G. H. Buchanan's Eastern District Reports, Cape of Good Hope.

Buck. J. Cape G. H. ports, Cape of Good Hope.

Buck. Buck's English Cases in Bank- l'L1ptcy;—Buck'E Reports, vols. 7-8 Montana.

Bunk. Cooke. BuckniJl's Coohe‘s (Buses of Piactice, Common Pleas.

Buck. Den. Buckner‘s Decisions (in Freeman's Mississippi Chancery Reports).

Buif. super. Ct. Sheldon's Superior Court Reports, Buifalo, New York.

Bull. N. P. Buller‘s Law of Nisl Prius. English.

Bull. & 0. Dig. lsinnn Digest.

Buller MSS. J, Bullefs Paper BOOKS, Lincoln's Inn Library.

Bnlst. Bulstrode's English King's Bench Reports.

Bump, Fraud. Conv. lent Conveynnces.

Bump N. C. Bu1np's Notes on Constitutional Decisions.

J. Bucl1onnn’s Re-

Builard & Curry's Lou-

Bump on I«‘rnuuu-

Bunb. Bnnbury’s English Exchequer Reports. Bur. Burnett's Reports, Wisconsin

Bur. (or Bun-.). Burrow's English Kings Bench Reports. Bur. M. ]3urrow’s Reports tempore Mansfield. Burl. home. Burg. Dig. Burgwyn's Digest Maryland Reports. Burge, Conil. Law.

Buri’ord's Reports, Vols. 6-9 Okin-

Burge on the Con-

iiict of Inws. Bur-ge, Sin-. Burge on Suretyship. Burgess. Burgess’ Reports, vols. 4649 Ohio Slate. Burke 1‘:-. Burke‘s Celebrated Trials. Burks. Burks’ Reports, vols. 91—97 Virginia. Burlemaqui. Burlarnaqufs Natural &

Political Law. Burlesque Repl. Police Reports. Bin-m. L. R. Burmah Law Reports Bin-11,'.Dict. Burn‘s Law Dictionary. Burn, 1-Ice. Lew. Burn's Ecclesiastical Law. Bnrnet. Borne-t's Manuscript Decisions, Scotch Court of Session. Burnett. Burnett's Wisconsin Reports: -Burnett's Reports, vols 20—fl Oregon. Burr. Burrow's English King's Bench Reports. Burl-. S. C. (or Sett. 03.1.). English Settlement Cases. Bun T1-.Ro'b. Burrs Trial, reported by Robertson. Bu:-1-ill. Bnrrill, Ciro. Ev. stnntiai Evidence.

Skillrnan's New York


Bur-rill’: Law Dictionary. Burrill on Circum-