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C. Cowen's Reports, New Yorh:—ConneI:ti('ut;— Cull.l’ornin;— Col0rndo;— Canada (Province).

(LB. Chief Baron of the Exchequer;— Common Bench;——En:;lisli Common Bench Reports by Manning, Gr:1u;:er 6: Scott

C. B. N. 5. Common Bench Reports, New Series.

C. B. R. Cour de Blane de la Reine, Que- bee.

C. C. A. United States Circuit Court of A1)pe:1l.~s I-It-ports.

C. C. 0. Choice Cases in Chancery.

C.C.Clu-. Chancery Cases Chronicle, Ontario C.C.]-3. Caines‘ Cases in Error, New

Yorl:;—Cases of Contested Elections.

0. C. L. C. Civil Code, Quebec.

0. C. 1'. Code of Civil Procedure, Quebec.

C. C. Supp. Cit)’ Court Reports, Supplement New York.

C.'.D. Commissioner's Decisions, United States Patent 0fiice:—Century Digest.

0. E. Gr. C. E. Greene's New Jersey Eq- uity Reports. C.H.& A. Curmw, Hamerton & Allen's

New Sessions Fuses, English.

C. J. C. Couper‘s Judiciary Cases, Scot- lnnd.

C. J. Can. Corpus J uris Cnnonici.

C. J. Civ. Corpus Juris Civilis.

C. L. Ch. Common Law Chamber Reports, Ontario

0. L. P. Act. « gllsh Common Law Procedure Act

0. I... R. Common Law Reports, printed

by Snottiswoode:—"Euglisl1 Common Law Il\*nurt's"' (lS.Tn3~1855).

C.1VI. ac R. Crompton. Meeson (2 Roscoe, EIJ_i’XllSl‘i Etchequer Roports.

C. N. Code Napoleon.

C. N. Conf. Cameron 6: Norwood's North Carolina Conference Reports.

C. N. P. Cases at Nisi Prlus

C. N. P. C. ('ampheli's Nisi Prlns Cases.

C. 0. Common Orders.

C.of C. E. Cases of Contested Elections, United States.

C. P. C. Code of Civil Procedure, Quebec.

C. P. C. (or Coop.). C. P. Coolie: s Eng- iish (‘ham-L-Iv Prmiice Cases

C. P. C. LB:-. C. I‘. Cooper's English Chnuccrr Reports tempare Brougham.

C. P. C. t. Catt. 0?. P. Coopers English Ch nmery Reports tempura Cottenhmn.

C. P. Cooper. (‘onper's English Chacnery

C. P. D. (or C. P. Div.). Common Hess Division, English Law Reports (1875-1880).

C. P. 0. Code of Civil Procedure, Quebec (1897). C. P. Rep. Common Pleas Reporter,

Scranton, Pennsylvania.

G. &L. C. C.


C.P.U. 0. Common Pleas Reports, Upper Canada.

0. P:r. Code of Procedure :—Code do Procedure Civiie.

C.P.. Chancery Reports;—-Code Reporter, New York,

0. R. N. S. Code Reports, New Series, New York.

C.B.ob. C. Robinson. English Admiralty.

0. Rob. Adm. Christopher Robinson's

Reports on English Adniirnlty.

C. S. Court of Session, Scotland. 6. S. B. 0. Consolidated Statutes, British Columbia. Consolidated Statutes of Canmln, l{o9. C. S.L. 0. Consolidated -Statutes, Lower Canada. 0. S. M. Consolidated Statutes of Manl- tobu. C. S. N. B. Consolidated Statutes of New Briinswicli. C. S. U.C. Consolidated Statutes of Upper Canada, 1859. C. S.& J. Cushing, Storey 6: Josselyn's

Election Cases. See vol. 1 Cushing's Election Cases, Massachusetts.

C.S.& P. (Cralgie. Stewart 5:) Paton‘: Scotch Appeal Gases.

C.-t.K. Cases tempera King (.\iz1cn:1gh- ten's Select Chancery Cases, English).

C. t. N. Cases tompore Northington (l’Ctlen‘s English Chancery Reports).

C. t. '1‘. Cases tampon: Talbot. English Chancery.

C. Theod. Codex Theodosiani.

C. W. Dud. C. W. Dudley's Law or Eq-

uity Reports, South Carolina.

(La; A. Cooke & Alcoclrs Irish king's Bench Reports.

0.3; C. Coieman (2 Caine‘s Cases, New York.

0. & '.D. Corhett & Daniel's English Eluction C-ases;—Cr:1wiord & Dix‘s Abridged C101- es, Irish.

0. & '.D. A. 0. ed Cases, Irish.

0. & '.D. C. 0. Circuit Cases.

0. & E. (‘sbnhé & Ellis. English.

C. & F. Cinrk&Finnelly's English House of Lords Reports 0. & H. Dig.


C.& J. Crompton & Jen-ls’ English Ex- chequer Reports.

C.& K. Carrington & Kirwan's English Nisi Prlus Reports

C.& L. Connor & Lawson's Irish Chacnery Reports.

0. & L. G. C. Cane & Lelglrs Grown Casea.

Crawford & Dix's Abrldg

Crawford & Dix's Irish

Coventry (2 Hughes’ Di-