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Dnrl. Pr. Ct. Seai.


D. Delaware ;—Dz\llas' United Stites and Peunsyliania Reports;—Deuio‘s iteports, 1\9W 1'orl:;—Dunlop, Bell & liiurruys Reports, Scotch Session Cases (Second Series): —Digest of Justinian, 50 books, never been translated into EInglish;—Disney, Ohio;—Di- risiuuui Court;—Dowiing, Euglisl1;—DoLuiu- ion of Canada.

D. (N. 5.). Series, Enslish

I).B. Domesday Book.

D. Chip. D. Ci.Ii1)m:1n's Reports, Vermont.

D. G. De Gex;—De Gex’s English Bank- i'li[Iln} Reports.

D. G. F. & J. De Gex, Fisher, & Jones’ l2u_.;iisl) (_‘-hancery Reports.

D. G. F. & J. B. De Gcx, Fisher. &Jones' Llnglisli Bankruptcy Reports.

D. G. J.& S. De Gex, Jones, 8: Smith's English Chancery Reports.

D. G. J. & S. B. De Gex, Jones, & Smith's English Bankruptcy Reports.

D. G. M.& G. De Gex, Mucnnghten, & (lord.-n‘s English Chancery Reports.

D. G. M. & G. B. De Gex, Mat-nughten, & Gordon's English Bankruptcy Reports.

D. N. S. Dim-ling's Reports, New Series, Eu" '1: Bull Cc-urt;—Dow, New Series (Dow & Clark, English House of Lords Cases).

D. P. C. I)uui1ug's Eugriish Practice Cusw.

D. & B. Dearsly & Be1l‘s English Crown Cases.

D. & C. Dow & Clark's English House or innls (l‘:\rl_lanientury) Cases.

D. & Ch. Deacon & C11itty's English Bank- rupt(-,\ Reports.

D.a: E. Duruforcl & East’s (Term) Re parts, English King's Bench.

1)owiing's Practice Cases, New

D.& J. De Gex & Jones‘ English Chan- LI'l'_\ iieports.

D.& J.B. De Gex & Jones’ English Bnukrulnicy Reports.

D.& L. Dowllng & LowLldes' English Bull Court Ilepmts.

D.& M. Durison & Me1'lvnle’s English

Queen's lieuch Reports.

D. & P. Deujsnn & Pearce, English.

D. & R. Dnuling & Ryland's English King's Rench Reports.

D. & R. M. C. Dowling & Ryland's Englisli .\ia_:istrutes' Cases

D. 8: R. N. P. Dowling & Ryland's English I\‘isi Prius Cases.

D. & S. DI-own & Smale’s Chancery Repnx-ls;—Do(.-tor and Sl:udent;—De:1ne and Sivulnt-1‘.

D. & W. Drury & Walsh's Irish Chacnery Repnris:—Drury dz Warren’s Irish Cl.I11u(~e1_V Reports.

D.&: War. Drury & Warren's Reports, Irish Chancery. Dak. Dukota:—Dakota Territory Re


Dn.i. Dallas‘ United States RQp0[‘[5;— D:1iison's English CoLuLuni1 1‘iez1s Reports (bound with Beuloe);—I)nlr31upie's Scotch Session Cnses.

Dnl.Cnop. Dallas‘ Report of Coopers Opinion on the Sentence of a Foreign Court oi’ Admiralty.

Dale. Dale's Reports, vols. 2-3 Oklahoma.

Dale Eco. Dale's Ecclesiastical Reports, English.

Dale Leg. Bit. Dale‘: Legal Ritual (Ecclesiastical) Reports.

Dalisan. D:-iilson's English Common Pleas Reports (bound with Beuloe).

Dull. Dallas‘ Pennsylvania and United States Reiioi ts.

Dali. Den. (or Dell. Dig.). Dallan.i’s Tex- as Decisions, printed originally in Dnliam’a Digest.

Dall.l.n Keil. Dallison in Ke1lw:iy’s Re ports. English I\ing‘s Bench.

Dall. S. C. Dallas‘ United Smies Su- preme Court Reports.

Dallas. Dallas’ Pennsylvania and United States Reports.

Dnlloz. Dict1'onn:L‘lre general et raisouné de legslation, do doctrine, et de jurispru- dence, en nmticre dvile, comlncrcinie. crimiuelle. 5l(1.[1lllJ.lS[l'.lflVE, et de droit public.

Da.h-. l')ulry1npie's Decisions, Scotch Court of Se-ssion;—(Dair_vu_1pie of) Stair‘: Decisions, St-otch (‘ourt of Sc-sslon;—(Di1lryn.Iple of) Ilaiies‘ Scotch Session Cases.

Dal:-. Feud. Prop. Dalrymple on Feudal Property.

Dnlrymple. (Sir Ilew) Dairymple's Scotch ion (‘use-s; (Sir Dfi\ld D:1lr_vmple Of) iIn1ies' Scotch Session C.1ses;~(Sir Junies I)ilI1‘)E|l1)1i?, of) Stairs Scotch Session Cases. See, also, Dal. and Dalr.

I)a.1y. Daly‘s New York Common Pleas Reports.

Dnmpier M55. Dan1pier's Paper Book, Lincoln's Inn Library.

Dun. D-.1nlel.l‘s Exchequer and Equity Re porls'.—-Dunn's Kentucky Reports;—Danner's Reports, vol. 42 Alabama.

Dan. & Ll. Danson & Lloyd's Mercnnthe Cast-s.

Dana. Dana's Kentucky Reports.

Dane Aim. Dane’s Ahridgnient.

Daniel, Neg. Inst. Daniel‘: Negzotiuble Instruments.

Daniel], on. Pr. tice.

Dann. Dann's Arizona Reports:—Danner‘s Reports, vol. 42 Alahnma :—Dnnn‘s Culi- fornin Reports.

Dans.& L. Dnnson dz Lloyd's English Mercantile Cases.

Dn1'l.Pr.Ct. Sass. Darling, Practice of the Court of Session (Scotch)

D:\niell's Chancery Prac-