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Ell. W. Bl.


E. East's Reports.

E. B. &E. Ellls, Bluckhuru & Ellis’ English Queen's Bench Reports.

E.B.&S. (Ellis) Best & Snllthfs English Queen's Rencll Reports.

E. C. English Cases;—EngLish Chancery; —English Chancery Repurts:—E1ection Cases, Ontario.

E. C. L. English Common Law Reports.

E. D.O. Eastern District Court, South Africa. E. D. S. E. D. Smith’: New York Com-

mou Plans Reports.

E. D. Smith (N. Y.). E D. S1nlth‘s New York Common Pleas Reports.

E. E. Engllsh Exchequer Reports.

E. E. B. English Ecclesiastical Reports.

11.1.. &Eq. English Law and Equity Reports.

E. P. C. East's Pleas of the Crown.

E. R. East's King's Bench Re-ports:— Election Reports.

E. R. C. English Ruling Cnses

E.&A. Er:<.-lesiastical and Admiralty;— Error and .\tvncal:~Spink's Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Reports ;—Upper Canada Error and Appeal Reports.

E. &A.R. Error and Appeal Reports, Ontario.

E. & A. W. C. Reports, Ontario.

(iraut’s Error and Appeal

E. &B. Eiiis & Blackburn's Queen's Bench Reports.

E.&E. Ellis & Ellis’ English Queen's Bench Reports.

E. &I. English and Irish Appeals, House of Lords.

E. 4121?. Eagle & Younge‘s English Titbe Cases.

En. East's English King's Bench Reports.

Ea.g.&.Yo. Eagle & Y0unge's English Tithe Cases. East. East's King's Bench l.lI?]Il.)|’lE',—-

East's Notes of Cases in Morley's Indian Diges 1-‘aslern Reporter.

En.stN.of O. Eusfs Notes of Cases (in Morlevis East inllian Digest).

East. P. C. (on P1. Cr.). East's Pleas of the (Town.

Eat. Rep.

Eben-sole. Iowu.

Ecol. B. English Ecc1e'~n tstical Reports.

Eccl. Stat. Ecclesiastical Statutts.

Eccl.&Ad. Ecclesiastical a.ud Admiral- t\:~Sp1nk's Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Reports.

12.1. Etlen’s English Chancery Reports.

Ed. Bx-o. Eden's edition of Brown's English Uham.-cry llepurls.

I-311.01-. Edwards’ Reports.

I-hsteru Reporter ElV€lS0l0'S Reports, vols. 59-80

New York Chancery Ord. Edits et Orclonuances (Low- er Canada). Eden. I3dcn‘s Reports, High Court of

Chancery, England. Eden. Bank:-. Ed:-n’s Bankrupt Law. Edg. Edgar's Reports, Court of Session,


Edict. Edicts of Justinian.

.'Ed:n.Sel.Cns. Edmouds’ New York Se iect Cases.

Edw. Edwards’ New York Chancery Reports -—E(1wards’ English Admiralty Repo:ts,—Edwards’ Reports, vols. 2, 3 Missouri.

Edw. ('i.'ho.). ty Reports.

Edw.Abr. Edwards‘ Abridgmen: of Pre rogntlve Court Cases.

Edw. Adm. Edwards’ English Ad.I.1ill‘1lll’y Reports.

Edw. Ch. Reports.

Edw.Lend.Dae. Edwards’ Leading De clsions in Admiralty (Edwards? Admiralty Reports).

Edw. Pr. Can. Edwards‘ (English Admiralty Reports).

Edw. Pr. Ct. Can. Edwards’ Abridgalcut of Prerogative Court Cases.

Eflrd. Efird's Reports, vols. 4556 South Carolina.

E1. Queen Eiiz:1het.h:—Eichies' Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.

E]. B. & E. Ellis, Blackburn, & Ellis’ English Queen's Bench Reports.

El..Bl.&El. Ellis. Blackburn & Kills‘ English Queen's Bench Reports.

E1. Can. Election Cases.

E1. Diet. Elchles’ Dictionary of Deci- sions, Court of Session, Scotland.

El.&B.(ox- BL). Ellis 8: Blackburn's English Queen's Bench Reports.

1:.1.&r:.1. Ellis 5. Ellis’ English Queen's Bench Reports.

Elchies’ Diet. Elchies' (Dictionary of) Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.

Else. Can. N. Y. New York Election Cases (.\rmstron:."s).

E11. 31. &E1l. Ellis. Blackburn, & Ellis‘ English Queen's Bench Reports.

Ell. Dig. Elier's Digest, liinnesota.

Ell. &Bl. Ellis & Bl.|ci:lvu1'n's English Queen's Bench Reports.

Ell. &]-111. Ellis & Ellis’ English Queen‘: Bench Re]-mts.

Eleam. Post N.

Ed Wards’ English Admiral-

Edwards' New York Chancery

Prize Cases

E'llt5mere's Post N ati.

Elliott, App. Prue. Elii.Oit’s Apileilute Procedure. Elm. Dig. Elmer's Digest, New Jersey.

Elmer, Lun. E1n1er’s I’l"i.CtlCE in Lunacy. E15. W. Bl. Filsley‘s edition of Vim. Blackstone's English King's Bench Reports.