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Hall. Jlfiddle Age:


H. Howard's United States Supreme Court Repu1rs;—[iiii‘s .\'ew York Reports. 0 11.31. Henry Bluckstoue‘s English Com-

Luon Pleas Reports.

H. C. R. High Court Reports, India.

H. C. R. N. W. I’. High Court Reports, l\'ortlm:cst Prm inces, Iullln.

H. E. C. iimlgilfs Election Cases, Ontario.

H. L. (or H.L.Ca.s.)_. House of Lords Cnses.

H. 1.. Rep. English House of lords Reports.

H. P. C. Hale's Pleas of the Crown;—

H.-1 \\ kins‘ Pleas of the Crown

H. W. Gr. H. W. Green's New Jersey Eq- nlir Reports.

H. & 3. Hudson & Brooke's Irish King's Bench Reports

H.& C. Huristone & Coltmalfs English lI.\*(-hequer Reports.

H.& D. Lnlor's Slmpleinent to Hill &

IIenlo‘s New York Reports.

H. & G. Harris & Gill's lllaryixmd Repurts;—HurIstune & Gordon’s English Repr-rts,

H. & I-I. Horn & Huristone’s English Ex- chequer Repol'tS:—Harrison & Ilodg'in's Mnnicipul Reports, Upper Canada.

II & J. Harris &Joi1nsnn‘s -Maryland Re- iI:1yes & Jones’ Exchequer Reports,

H. & M. Hening & Mnnfu1‘d's Virginia Reports —Hmmning & Milier's English Vice- Ch.|nL-ellors‘ Reports.

H. & M. 011. Helnming 8; l\lll.ler's English Vlflf‘-(.'ll:llI(L'llIll‘S' Reports.

H. as Moll. Harris & McHenr_\'s Mary- land Reinolts.

H.& N. Hnristone & Nor1nan‘s English Exchequer Reports.

H. & P. Ilopwood & Plli1b1'iCk’s English Election Cases.

H. & R. Harrison & Rutheri’ord's English Common Pleas Reports.

H. & S. Harris & Silnrall, Mississippi. H. & '1‘. Hali & '1‘weli's English Chancery llejmrts.

H. & '1‘. Self-Def. Ilorrigzln & ’1'l10mp- son's Cases on the Law of Sel.f-Defense.

H. & W. Haurxson & Wollaston‘s English King's P-(.'iI(h ll:-I-mts;—I[l11'lstone & Walms-

X le\‘s English F}'.\(‘1lE(j|lPI' Reiiorts.

Ha. Hare‘: Chancery Reports ;—II:1i1:— I‘Ll‘{gfll'd.

Ha. & Tw. Hall & TWeil's English Chucnery Reports.

Had. Hurlr1ington:—l'i:1dley’s Reports, vols. 45—4S Nor‘ ilanmshire.

Haddington. [{:1dulingl:on's Malluscript Renolts, Snutch Court, of Session.

Ham. IIadley's Repoms, vols. 45-48 New llzunpshire.

Z 1270

Had]. Rom. Law. to the Roman Law.

Hadley. Hadley’s Reports, vols. -15-45 New Hanlpsliire

Hag. (or I-Iagg.) Adm. Haggard‘s English Admiralty Reports.

Hag. (or Hagg.) Con. Conslstory Reports.

Hag. (or Hagg.) Ecc. EC[‘l(3Sl£iStl(‘21l Reports.

I' Hogan's Reports, vois. 1-2 Utah.

Hagana. Haguns' Reports, vols. 1»5 West Virginia.

Hagg. See Hug.

I-Zagg. Consist. ports. English.

Hagn.& Mill. I-laguer & .V[illers Reports, vol. 2 Maryland Chancery.

Hadley‘s Introduction

IIuggard‘s English

Enggard‘s English

Ha_ggard's Conslstory Re-

Hniles. Hailes‘ Decisions, Scotch Court of Session.

Hal. Law. Halsied's New Jersey Ln“ Ileports.

Hale. Min. Gas. Hnlcomlfs Mining Cas-


5% 5 D4 2

Hale. Hale's Reports, vols. 33-37 Cali- fol-nla.

Hale, Anal. Hale‘: Anzllysis of the Law.

Hale C. L. (or Com. Law). Hale 5 History of the Common Law. Hale. De Jnx-e Mar. Haie. De Jure Mn ris.

Hale Eco. English.

Hale, Hist. Eng. Law. the English Law.

Hale P. C. Hale’s Pleas of the Crown.

Hnle Prec. Hale's I’1'v.-corlenls in II“. -A vai- asticul) Criminal Cases.

Hulk. Haiherston‘s Cmnpendiuin of Sr-nlch Faculty Decisions: il.'1il:(-rsmns Di 4t of the Scotch Marriage Law ;—Hnll:er.<ton's Latin .\I.lxims.

Illnllk. Comp.

Hale's Ecclesiastical Reports,

Hale's [Ilstory of

.Hall<crsl;0n's Compendlinn

of Scotch Faculty Decisions. I-Izalk. Lat. Max. Mzlvinls.

Eialkerston'.s Latin

Hall's New York Superior (‘curt —Hall’s Reports, vols. Eli, 57 New Han: hi1~e;— IIalletl;‘s Reports, wuis. 1, 2 Colorado.

Hall. Const. Hist. Halianrs unnai History of England.

Hall, fiméx-ig. Mnr. Loans. Hull, Fks-1y on l\[':‘il‘ltllI|e Loans from the l7‘rencJ.\ of Em- érigon.

Hall, Int. Law. Law.

Hall, Marit. Loans. Hnli, Essay on Maritime Loans from the French or Enlérigon.

Hall. Mex. Law. Hall. Laws of Mexico Relating to Real Proiierty. etc.

Hall. Middle Ages. Hn‘lam'a Middle Ages.

Const i in-

Hail on Intel-nauonal