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Harris Dig.

Hm-1-is Dig. Harris’ Digest, Georgia.

I-In:-ris& Sim:-ull. Harris & Si1ur:1l1’u Reports, vols. 49-52 Mississippi.

Harrison. Harrison's Reports, vols. 15-17 and 23-29 Indiana. _

Hart. I1.:ri.1ey's Reports, vols. 4-10 Tex- as:—II1u'tley's Digest of Texas Laws

Hartley. Hartley's Reports, vols. 4-10 Texas.

Hartley & Hartley. Hartley & Hartley’s Reports, vols. ll»21 Texas.

Husk. Hsskelrs United States Circuit Court Reporls.

Hast. Hastings’ Reports, vols. 69-70 Maine.

Knv. Ch. Rep. Havllnnd's Chancery Reports, Prince Edward Island.

Haw. P. E. I. Haviland's Reports, Prince Edward Island.

Haw. Hawkins (see Hawk.) ;—Hawai.lan Reports;—Hnw1ey's Reports, vols. 10-20 Nevada.

Haw. Cr. Rep. Haw1ey's American Crimiuai Reports.

Haw. W. C. Hawes’ \’ViIl Case.

Hawaii (or Hawaiian B.ep.). (Sandwich Islsnds) Reports.

Hawk. Co. Litt. Hawkins’ Coke upon Littiebon.

Hawk. P. C. (or Pl. C:-.). Hawkins’ Pleas of the Crown.

Hawkins. Hawkins’ Reports, vols. 19-24 Louisiana Annual.

Hawks. Hawks’ North Carolina Reporm.

Hawl. Cx-.R. Hawley's American Crimi- nal Reports.

Hawley. Nevada.

Hay. Haywood’: North Caroiius Reports;——Haywoc-d's Tennessee Reports (Hay- wood's Reports are eoiuelzimes referred to as timugh numbered consecutively from North Carolina through Tennessee) ;-—Ha_ves' Irish Exchequer Reports. See also Hayes:—— Hayes’ Reports, Oa.icutta;—Hay’s Scotch Declsions.

Hay Ace. (or Dec.). Hsy’s Decisions on Ac-ciclents and Negligence.

Kfly.ElO]l. Hayes’ Irish Exchequer Reports.

Hay P. L. Hay's Poor Law Decisions.

Hey. & H. Hayward & Hszelmu’s United States Circuit Court Reports.

Hay.&Haz. Hayward & Hazelwn, Cir- cuit Court, District of Columbia.

Hey. &.I. Hayes & Jones, Irish.

H.-ny & M. (or Marx-.). Hsy E: Marriott's Admlruity Reports (usually cited, Marriott’: Reports)

Hayes (or Hayes Exclh). Hayes‘ Irish Ex- chequer Reports.

Hayes, Cnnv. Hayes on Conveyancing.

Hayes & Jo. (or Jon.). Hayes & Jones’ Irish Exchequer Reports.

Ha.yn. Lend. Cns. Haynes’ Leading Cases.

Hnynel, Eq. Haynes‘ Outlines of Equity.



Hawiey's Reports, vols. l0—20




Hayw. Haywood‘: North Carolina Re ports;-—Haywood's Tennessee Reports (see Hay.).

Hayw. L. R. Boston.

Hayw. & H. Hayward & Hazeiton's United States Circuit Court Reporls.

Heed. Head's Tennessee Reports.

Hestln. Heath's Reports, vols. 36-40 Maine.

Heck. Cns. Hecker‘s Cases on Warranty.

Hedges. Hedges‘ Reports, vols. 2-6 Montans.

Hejneec. Am.t.Rum. Heineccius (J. G.) Antiquitatum Romanarum (Roman Antiquities.) Cnmh. Heiueccius (J. G.) EI- ementa Juris Camblulls.

1Ielneee.Elem. Heineccius (J. G.) Elements Juris Civilis (Elements of the Civil Law.)

Heisk. Heiskeil’s Tennessee Reports.

Helm. Heiufs Reports, vols. 2~9 Nevada.

Hem. HElUDStEfld, United States;—Hem- miugway, Mississippi.

1Iem.&M. Hemming Vice-Chancellors‘ Reports.

Hemp. (or Hempst.). Hen1pstead's United States Circuit Court Reports.

Haywarcl’s Law Register,

& Miller's Eugiish

Hen. Bl. Henry Blackstone's English Common Pleas Reports.

Hen. Men. Can. Henry's Mauumission Cases.

Hen. &M. (V::..) Hening & Muuford's Virginia Reports.

Hen.&Mun. Honing 8: -.\1un1orci's Virginia Reports.

Heph. Hepburn’s Reports, vois. 3, 4 Cali- fornia;—Hephuru's Reports, vol. 13 Pennsylvallla.

1Iet_(or Hetl.). Het1ey’s English Oom- mon Pleas Reports.

Heyw.Ca. Heywuod's Tebie of Gases, Georgia. Hibh. Hibburd’s Reports, vol. 20 Opin-

ions Attorneys-Geueral;—-Hibbard's Reports, vol. 67 New Hampshire.

High Ct. High Court Reports, Northwest Prmiuces of India.

Higlnt. Hight's Reports, vois. 57»5S Iowa.

Hill. H.iii's New York Reporl;s;—-,Hi1i's Law Reports, South Carolina.

E'.illEq. (or 011.). H1J.l’s Equit), South Carolina Reports.

Hill N. Y. Hill's New York Reports.

Hill. New Trials. Hiliiard on New Tri-


Hill. Real Prop. Hilliard on Real Prop- erly.

Bill S. C. Hill's South Carolina Reports (Law or Equity).

Hill & Den. Hill & Denio, New York.

E311 & Den. Supp. Lalor‘s Supplement to Hill & Denio's Reports, New York.

Hillyer. H.illyer's Reports, vols. 20-22