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Skene. Skene's De Verborum Significatione. Skill. Pal. Rep. Police Reports. Skin. Skinner's English King‘: Bench Reports. Skinker. Missouri. Slade. Slade‘s Reports, vol. 15 Vermont. Sm. Ac. Sinith’s Actions at Law.

Sm. C. C. M. Smith's Circuit Courts-Mar tlal iieports, Mniue. Sm. Gond. Ala. bamn Reports. Sm. E. D.

SkiJ.lman‘s New York

Skjnkei-‘s Reports, vols. 65-79

Smith's Condensed Ala- E. D. S1nit'h's Reports, New

Smith's (J. W.) Manual of Equi- Suiitifs Principles of Equity.

Sm. L. G. Smith's Lending Cases.

Sm. L. can. com. L. Smith's Leading Cases on Commercial Law.

Sm. £5 E. 11. R. Gal. American Railway Cases.

Sm. & Bat. Smith & Batty's Irish King's Bench Reports.

Sm. as G. Smale 8: Giffard's English Vice- Chancellors' Reports-,—Smith & Guthrie‘e Reports, vols. 81-83 Missouri Appeals.

Sm. an M. Smedes 8: Marshall's Mississippi Reports.

Sun. an M. 01:. Smedes 8: Marshall's Mississippi Chancery Reports.

Sma.&GiR. Smale 8: GiiTar(l‘s English ViceChaucel.lors' Reports.

S-med. &M. Smedes 8: Marshall's Mississippi Reports.

Smed. as M. ch. Smedes 8: Marshall's Mississippi Chancery Reports.

Smeden & M. (1V.Liss.). shall's Mississippi Reports.

Smi. so But. Smith 8: B:1tty's Irish King's Bench Reports.

Smith. Smith’: New Hampshire Reports; Smith's Reports, vols. 2-4 Dakots;— J. P. Smith's English King's Bench Reports;— Smith, in continuation of Fox 8: Smith;— Smith, English Registration P. F. Smith's Pennsylvania State Repurts;—-E. P. Smith’: Reports, vols. 15-27 New York Court of Appeals;——E. D. Smith’s New York Common Pleas Reports;——E. H. Smlth’s Reports, Vols. 147-162 1\ew York Court or Appeals;—-Smlth’s Reports. vols. 54-62 Caiiforn1a;—Srnith's Indiana Reports :—Smith‘s Reports, vols. 61-64 Maiuu;—Smith's Reports, vols. 1-11 Wisconsln:—E. B. Smith’s Reports, vols, 21-47 Illi- nois Appea1s:—Smith, Reporter, vois. 7, 12 Heiskell's Tennessee Reports;— Smith's Reports, vols 81-S3 Missouri Appeals.

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Smith G. P. (or E. D.). E. D. Smith's Common Pleas Reports, New York.

Smith, ch. Pr. Smith’s Chancery Praeflce.

Smith, Cont.

Smith 8: Bates’

Smedes & Mar-

Smith on Contracts.


Sol. J.

Smith de Rep. Angl. Smith (Sir Thom- as). De Republicn Anglica [The Commonwealth of England and the Manner of Government Thereot. 1621.]

Smith, Diet. Antiq. Smlth‘s Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities.

Smith }:.}I. Smith's (E. H.) Reports, vols. 147-162 New York Court of Appeals.

Smith E. P. (or Ct. App.). E. P. Smith‘s Reports, vols. 15-27 New York Court of Ap-


Smith Ind. Smith's Indiana Reports.

Smith J. P. J. P. Smith's English King's Bench Reports.

Smith L. G. Smith's Leading Cases.

Smith, Laws Pa. Smith's Laws of Pennsylvania.

Smith, Lead. Gas. Smith’s Leading Cases.

Smith Me. SmJi:h’s Reports, vols. 61-6-1 Maine.

Smith, Mere. Lew. Smith on Mercantile Law

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Smith N. Y. Smith's Reports, vols. 15-27 and 147-162 New York Court of Appeals.

Smith P. 1‘. (or Pa..). P. F. Smith's Pennsylvania State Reports.

Smith, Wealth Nat. Smith, Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Na- Lions.

Smith Win. Wisconsin.

Smith & B. Smith S: Batty‘: Irish King's Bench Reports;—-Smith S: Bates‘ American Railway Cases.

Smith & B. R. R. (3. American Railway Cases.

Smith & G. Smith 8: Guthrie’: M'iss01.Lri Appeals Reports.

Smoult. Notes of Cases in Smoult's Coi- lec-tiou of Orders, Calcutta.

Smy. (or Smythe). Smythe's Irish Com- mon Pleas Reports.

Sneed. Sneed's Tennessee Sneecl's Kentucky Decisions.

Sneed Dec. Sueed’s Kentucky Decisions.

Snell, Eq. Snell's Principles in Equity.

Snow. Snow's Reporls, vol. 3 Utah.

Smith's Reports, vols. 1-11

Sinith 8: Bates’

Reports ;—

so. Ans. L. 11. South Australian Law Reports.

So. car. South Carolina;—-South Carolina Reports.

So. car. Const. South Carolina Constitutiona-l Reports (by Treadway, by Mill, or by Harper).

So. Gar. L.-1’. South Carolina Law Journal. Ooiumbia.

Sn. East. Rep. Southeastern Reporter.

Sn. Rep. Southern Reporter (commonly cited South, or So.).

So. West. Rep. Southwestern Reporter (commonly cited S. W.).

Soc.Ecn-n. Social Economist.

So1.J. Solicitors’ Journal, London.