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Swan '41 N Swan '41. Swan‘: Revised Statutes or 01110, 1841.

Swan '54. ohm, I854.

Swans. (or Swa.nst.). Swanston's English Chancery Reports.

Sween. Sweeney’s New York Superior Court Reports.

Sweet. Sweet's Law Dictionary;— Sweet on the Limited Liability Act;—Sweet‘s Marriage Settlement Cases:~Sweet’s Precedents iu Conveyancing ;~Sweet on Wills.

sweet M. Sett.cas. SWeet’s Marriage Settlement Cases.

Swan's Revised Statutes of


T. Territory;—Tappau's Ohio Reports. T. 23. Mon. T. B. Monroe's Kentudxy Reports. '1‘. B. as M. Trnceweil, Bowers 8: Mitchell, R United States Comptroller’: Decisions. 1898. '1‘. Jones (or 2 Jones). T. Jones’ English King's Bench Reports. '1‘. L. 11. Times [aw Reports. '.l.‘. R. Term Reports, Durnford 8: Enst;—- Teste Rege;—Dayton Tenn Reports. '1‘. R. (N. Y.). Gaines’ (Term) New York. '1‘. E. E. (or '.I.‘. E. R.). Tempore Regls Ed- wartli. '.l.‘ R. N. 8. Term Reports. New Series T I

s Reports). T. Raym. Sir T. Raymond's English King's Bench Reports. '.l.‘. '1‘. 11. Tarl Town Reports, New South ‘Vales. '1‘. U. P. Charlt. T. U. P. Chariton’s Re- U ports, Georgia. Thompson S: Cook's New York Supreme Court Reports. T.&: G. Tyrwhltt S: Granger‘s English Exchequer Reports. '1‘.& M. Temple .5. Mew's Crown Cases, English. '1‘. & P. Turner 8: Phillips’ Reports, English Clmneery. '.I.‘. In R. Turner & Russell's English Chacnery Reports. W Tait. Tnifis Manuscript Decisions, Scotch Session Cases. T111. (or 'I‘n1'b.). English Chancery. Tam. Tan1iyn's English Rolls Court Reports. Tan. (or Tansy). Circuit Court Reports. Tanner. Tanners Reports, vols. 8-14 In dnna ;-—TI1nner's Reports, vols. 13-17 Utah. Tn1). (or '1‘npp.). Tapp:m's Ohio Reports. '.I.‘nrl.'I‘e1'xnR.. Tnrletorfs Term Reports. New South Wales. Tanill. (or '1‘an.nt.). T:-1unton's Common Pleas Reports. Tax Law Rep. Tax Law Reporter. Tny. Taylor (see Tn_ylor);—Taylor‘s Re- Z ports, Ontario. 1306


Cases tom-pore Talbot,

Taney's United Shins



Tex. App.

Swift, Dig. Swift's Digest, Connecticut.

Swin. Sw1'.uton's Scotch Justiciary Reports.

Swi.n..1’un.cas. Swinton's Scotch Justicinry Cases.

Swim. Reg. App. tration Appeal Cases.

Swinb. Wills. Swinbnrne on Wills.

swint. Swinton‘s Justiciary Cases, Scab land.

Syme. Syme's Scotch Ihxsticiary Reports.

syn.Sex-. Synopsis Series of the United States ‘Treasury Decisions.

Swinton’s Scotch Regis-

Tny. J. L. (or Tony. N. (3.). J. L. Taylor’! North Carolina Reports.

T.ay.U.C. Taylor's Upper Canada Ileports.

Tny. an. Taylor S: Bell's Bengal Reports.

Tnyl. Civil Law. Taylor on Civil Law.

'1‘ay1.Ev. Taylor on Eildence.

Tnyl. Gloss. Tayl. Hist. Gav.

Taylors Law Glossary. Taylor (Silas), History

of Gavelkind.

Ta.y1.Med..1’ux-. Taylor's Medical Jurisprudence,

Taylor. Taylor's North Carolina Ilepnrts;

—Tayior‘ Upper Canada Reports;-—'1‘.u‘lor's Bengal Reports.

Taylor 11.0. Taylor's King's Bench Beports, Upper Canada (now Ontario).

Teehn. Diet. Crabb's Techuoioglcai Die-

tionary. Temp. Tempom (in the time of). Temp. Geo. II. Cases in Chancery tom pore George 11. Temp. & M. Crown Cases. Ten. Gas. Thompson's Unreported Cases, Tennessue;—Shannon’s Cases, Tennessee

Temple 8: Mew's English

Tenn. Tennessee;—Tennessee Report: (Overton’s).

Tenn. ch. Cooper's Tennessee Chancery Reports.

Tenn.Leg.Rep. Tennessee Legal Reporter. Nashville.

Term. Term Reports, English King-‘s Bench (Durnford S: East's Reports).

Term N. (3. Term Reports, North Carolina, by Taylor. '1‘er-in R. Tenn Reports. English Kings’

Ben('l.\ (Dnrnford 8: East's Reports).

Tex-mes de la Ley. Les Termes de in Ley.

Terr. '1‘erritory;—Terrell’s Reporis. vols. 3&71 Texas.

'.l.‘ex-1-.&Wnlk. Terrell & Walker's he ports, vols. 3iH51 Texas.

'1‘-x. Texas;—Texas Reports.

T-x.App. Texas Court of Appeals Do-

ports (Criminal Case-a);—'.l‘ Civil Appeals Cases.