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Tuck. Surr.

Tuck. Surr. Tucker]; Surrogate Reports, City of New York.

Tmi. Gan. Marc. Law. Cases on Mercantile Law.

Tnd. can. R. P. Tudors Leading Cases on Real Property.

Tud. Char. Truntl. frosts.

Tudor, Lead. 03:. Real Prop. Leading Cases on Real Property.

Tapper. ‘I‘upper's Reports, Ontario Appeals;—’.l‘upper’s Upper Canada Practice Reports.

Tnr. Turner & Russell's English Chacnery Reports.

Turn. Turner’s Reports, vols. 99-101 Kentucky;—Turner‘s Reports, vols. 35, 4:3 Arkansas.

Turn. Anglo Sax. Anglo Saxons.


Tudor’s Leading

Tudor on Charitable


Turner, History of the

U. Utah ;—Uteh Reports.

17.3. Upper Bench

U. B. I-'1.-. Upper Bench Precedent: tempura Car. 1.

U. C. Upper Canada.

U. (3. App. Upper Canada Appeals.

U. G. G. P. Upper Canada Common Pleas Reports.

U. (3. Ch. Upper Canada Chancery Reports.

U. 0. chain. Upper Canada Chamber Reports

U. C. E. (LA. Upper Canada Error and Appeai Reports. . . Jux-. Upper Canada Jurist.

U. C. K. B. (or U. C. 0. S.). Upper Canada King‘s Bench Reports. Old Series.

U. G. I-'1.-. (or P. 12.). Upper Canada Prue

Vtice Reports.

U. C. Q. 23. Reports.

U. C. Q. B. O. S. (or U. C. O. S.). Upper Canada Queen's (King‘s) Bench Reports, Old Series.

U. C. R. Queen's Bench Reports, Ontario.

U. (3. Rep. Upper Canada Reports,

U. K. United Kingdom.

U. S. United States ;——United States Reports.

U. S. A1). (or U. S. App.). Appeals Reports.


Upper Canada Queen's Bench

United Stain



Up. Gan.

Turn. an Ph. Turner 8: Phillips’ Reports English Chancery.

'1‘nrn.&R. Turner in Russell's Digllsh Chancery Reports.

Tum. an Bus. (or Ruas.). Turner .5; Rue seii's English (Jiia.uc-ery Reports.

Tattle. Tuttie's I‘.A-.‘pUi‘l,S. vols. 23-32 and 4.1—52 California.

'1‘ntt1e&carpentex-. Tuttie S: Carpen— I:er‘s Reports, voL 52 California.

Ty. Tyler.

Tyl. (or Tyler). Tyler's Vermont Reports.

Tyng. Tyng’s RE)1b0l‘ts, vols. 2-17 Massa- chusetts.

Tyr. (o1".'l‘yrw.). Tyrwhitt S: Grangcr'e English Exchequer Reports.

Ty:-.&Gr. Tyrwhitt S: Grnngefs Eu,- lish Exchequer Reports.

Tyt1er,l\‘[il.Law. Tytler on Military Law and Cour‘i‘s—Muri1'al.


U. S. 0.0. United States Circuit Court: -—-United States Court of Claims.

U. S. G. S. United States Civil Service O0UJHflSSiOU.

U. S. Comp. St. United States Compiled Statutes.

U. S. Comp. St. Supp. United Compiled Statutes Supplement.

U. S. Ct. (31. Reports of the United Sflws Court at Oiaims.

U. S. D. (J. United States District Court; —Unlted States District of Columbia.

U. S. R. United States Supreme Court_



U. S. R. S. United States Revised Statutes.

U. S. Reg. United States Register. Phil- udel[\i.\iI1.

U. S. Rev. St. United States Revised Statutes.

U. S. S. G. Rap. United States Supreme Court Reports.

U. S. St. at L. United States Statutes at Large.

U. S. St. Tr. United States Stale Trials (Wharton's).

'ITim. L.Reo. U‘lman’s Law Record, New York.

Under-h. Torts.

Up. Ben. Pre. tempore Car. I.

Up. on. Upper Canada (see U. C.).

Uuderhili on Torts.

Upper Bench Precedents.