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exchange) where information is posted as to the fluctuating prices of stocks, grain, cotton or other commodities, and where persons lay wagers on the rise and fall or such prices under the pretence of buying and selling such commodities. Bryant v. W. U. Tel-Co. C. C.) 17 Fed. 828; Fortenbury v. State, 47 Ark 188, 1 S. W. 58. Connor v. Black

form a capital stock or fund out of which advances may he made to members desiring them, on mortgage security.

BUL. In the ancient Hebrew chronology, , the eighth month of the ecclesinstit i, and the second of the civil year. It has since been called “Marshevan," and answers to our October.

ll!) Mo. 131$. 24 W. 18-1. Smith v. W. U. -_

i‘el. ($0.. 84 Ky. 66-1, 1’. S. W. 45.5; Bates’ Ann.

5L Ohm: 1904- 5 U934‘-1 BULK. Unbroken packages. Merchandise which is neither counted, weighed, nor 0 BUCKSTALL. A toil, net, or snare, to me_.,sm.ed_

‘-'“‘e “E9” 4 “ISL 306- Bull; is said of that which is neither count-

ed, ueiglied, nor meiisured. A sale by the bulk is the sole of a quantity such as it is, without measuring, counting, or weigh1ng.D Clvii Code La art 3556, par. 6.

{{anchor+|.|BUDGET. A name given in England to the statement annually presented to parlia- ment by the Lhaiicellor of the exchcquer, Cun- uiinhig the estimates of the national revenue "M "‘“e"'m"“' BULL. In ecclesiastical luw. An instru-

BUGGERY. A Ci1l'nfll copulation against me1,‘tdgrf‘"ht°d the W99 °f_F°"“?' and nature; and this is either by the confusion of Beam ‘Ht 3‘ fie“ of lead‘ c°"t‘“nh':=; Smne E si-evIt«,——t.l.ii1t is to say, 8, man or a woman decree’ _c°mmmmme“t’ m',°_t1'er Dumfc a'“_t’ iiith a brute beaist,—~or of sexes. zts a man e"““”'t'"g fwm the p°“”_fi' Bum m “H5 with E mm‘ or man uuuflmmny with E “,0_ sense. corresponds with edict or letters pat-

12 Coke’ 3'; Ausmnu v_ ent from other governments. Loueli: 4 Bl. VH1, 10 md_ sob’ .71 Am Dec 331; Com Uomni. -110; 4 Steph. Comm. lfi. 179. ,,_ _I__ 21 pm Go. Ct R_ G._,6_ h'1‘his is also :1 cont terl'1m of the Stock [2~r- F C ange, menning one w 0 speculiltes for ii

{{anchor+|.|BUILDING. A structure or eilifice erect- ‘me in the m'“ket' ed by the hand of man, composed of r|:itlJl'.\.l iimtei-i.ils, as stone or wood, and intended for BUI-LIL A 59*“ "595 by the R°’3'3‘m 951' lflf or c[)]_\\enig“(5e_ T1-uesden v_ (;my_ 13 perors. during the iower empire; and which “my (Mass) 311; Siam v_ Moore, (,1 M0_ was of four lunds,—gold, silver, wax, and cm: C1.1i'k v. shite, 69 Wis. 203, 33 N. W. lead-

-lllli, 2 Am. St. Rep. 732. _Bnimhg Eng See LINE. uBU'LI.l-ITIN. And officially published notice or announcement concerning th progress of matters of public importance. In France, the registry of laws.

BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION An organization created for the purpose of accumulating a fund by the monthly

Bulletin des lois. In France, the offical sheet which publishes the laws and decrees; this publication constitutes the promulgation of this law or decree.

and savings of its members to usoist them in building or purciizising for the aw‘ or decree, D E iheniselves dwellings or real estate by the | ‘MD to them of the requisite money from BULLION. Gold and silver intended to be coined. The term is usually applied to quantity of these metals ready for the mint,

but as yet lying in bars, plates, lumps. or

-\5S0d!1U0D. 10} Ga. 814. 30 S. E. 911; P5815‘ other masses; but it may also iricluile orna- J

'01‘ V- AS50013?-I011. 19 W. Va. 693. ments or dishes of gold and silver, or foreign coins not current as money, when inteiiiled

{{anchor+|.|BUILDING LEASE A lease of land for to be descriptive of its adaptability to be I "fit! T911“ 0‘ YE-|l‘S. Usually 951 at =1 Tent coined, and not of other purposes to which it felted in “gr0lmd_ reut_." the lessee covenant may he put Hope Co. v. i:eimnn_ 3 In: M "Mt certain edifices tliereon MC0I‘dim.' Mont. 44; Thulheim v. State, 38 Flat. 1(3). 20 K to qvcincation, and to nmintiim the same, south 933; Counsel v_ Min_ C0,, 5 D.1iy (N,

uh, durhig the teim. 11) 77, —B 11! E d. A fund of public riney {{anchor+|.|BUILDING LIEN. The statutory lien or ,,,,,i,‘,‘m,,§’§,} i,f"2,,,,,mfi,,,, Wm, we ,,,;,,t_T_ M

n uznteridl-unin or contractor for the erection the purpose of purchasing precious metals for of a building. Lumber Co. v. Holt, 00 Neb. °°“138E- Sn. 8'.’ N. W. 112, 83 Am. St. Rep. 512: June v. Duke, 35 Tex. Civ. App. 240. so S. W. 406. BUM—BA1'I..II‘I‘. A person employed to don one for a debt: a bailiff employed to ar- {{anchor+|.|BUILIDING SOCIETY. An association rest a debtor. Probably 8. vulgar corruption

in which the subscriptions of the members of “hound-b11lllff.” (q. 12.)