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exchange) where information is posted as to form a capital stock or fund out of which ad- the fluctuating prices of stocks, grain. cot- vnnces may he made to members desiring ion, or other commodities, and where persons them, on mortgage security.

iny wagers on the rise and tall or such

in-ices under the pretence of buying and sell- n'UL_ In the ancient Hebrew chronology, lug such commodities. Bryant v. W. U. Tel, the eighth month of the ecclesinstit i, and '37- 'C- C-) 17 l"€d- 633: F0I'|E‘-l1lJl!l‘Y V- ‘Stiller the second of the civil year. It has since 47 Ark 158, 1 S. W. 58. Connor v. Biac-11. been called “MarsItei;un," and answers to our ll!) Mo. 131$. 24 W. 18-1. Smith v. W. U. October-_

i‘el. ($0.. 84 Ky. 66-1, 1’. S. W. 45.5; Bates’ Ann.

5L Ohm: 1904- 5 U934‘-1 BULK. Unbroken packages. Merchandise which is neither counted, weighed, nor 0 {{anchor+|.|BUCKSTALL. A toil, net, or snare, to me_.,sm.ed_

‘-'“‘e “E9” 4 “ISL 306- Bull; is said of that which is neither count-

ed, ueiglied, nor meiisured. A sale by the bulk is the sole of a quantity such as it is, without measuring, counting, or weigh1ng.D Clvii Code La art 3556, par. 6.

{{anchor+|.|BUDGET. A name given in England to the statement annually presented to parlia- ment by the Lhaiicellor of the exchcquer, Cun- uiinhig the estimates of the national revenue "M "‘“e"'m"“' BULL. In ecclesiastical luw. An instru-

{{anchor+|.|BUGGERY. A Ci1l'nfll copulation against me1,‘tdgrf‘"ht°d the W99 °f_F°"“?' and nature; and this is either by the confusion 01' Beam ‘Ht 3‘ fie“ of lead‘ c°"t‘“nh':=; Smne E si-evIt«,——t.l.ii1t is to say, 8, man or a woman decree’ _c°mmmmme“t’ m',°_t1'er Dumfc a'“_t’ iiith a brute beaist,—~or of sexes. zts a man e"““”'t'"g fwm the p°“”_fi' Bum m “H5 with E mm‘ or man uuuflmmny with E “,0_ sense. corresponds with edict or letters pat-

12 Coke’ 3'; Ausmnu v_ ent from other governments. Loueli: 4 Bl. VH1, 10 md_ sob’ .71 Am Dec 331; Com Uomni. -110; 4 Steph. Comm. lfi. 179. ,,_ _I__ 21 pm Go. Ct R_ G._,6_ h'1‘his is also :1 cont terl'1m of the Stock [2~r- F C ange, menning one w 0 speculiltes for ii

{{anchor+|.|BUILDING. A structure or eilifice erect- ‘me in the m'“ket' ed by the hand of man, composed of r|:itlJl'.\.l iimtei-i.ils, as stone or wood, and intended for BUI-LIL A 59*“ "595 by the R°’3'3‘m 951' lflf or c[)]_\\enig“(5e_ T1-uesden v_ (;my_ 13 perors. during the iower empire; and which “my (Mass) 311; Siam v_ Moore, (,1 M0_ was of four lunds,—gold, silver, wax, and cm: C1.1i'k v. shite, 69 Wis. 203, 33 N. W. lead-

-lllli, 2 Am. St. Rep. 732. _Bnimhg Eng See LINE. uBU'LI.l-ITIN. Anf officially pigglished no- Ce 01' KDIJDIIIJCEEISIJ CODCK-)l'IlIl1g 8 progress

{{anchor+|.|BUILDING AND LOAN AS5ocIA_ of] matters of fI)l1‘§l]l(i‘ Lmporttince In Fbince. TION. An organization L-rented for the pur- t e registry O t 6 3W5’ hose of zictumuiuting B fund by the monthly —B“11etZ'm €195 !0iS- In France, the Omtiaf .\‘lll].~.1'l‘iiltIU1]S and savings of its members to t “‘fi‘i'::LiD%"E)',::ffiu&‘§ l¥;wsn.?;E1 fig-332?); usoist them in building or purciizising for the aw‘ or decree, D E iheniselves dwellings or real estate by the | ‘MD to them of the requisite money ti-om BULLION. Gold and silver intended to me f""‘15 '3' [119 =155°C‘'-m°“- MC‘-«‘“11eJ' V- be coined. The term is usually applied to ii ““'s°°i“ti°“- 97 T9““- 421- 37 5- W- 212- 35 quantity of these metals ready for the mint,

1- R 15- 2‘‘=4- 53 -‘5m~ Sh 139_D- 31-53 C001‘ V- but as yet lying in bars, plates, lumps. or

-\5S0d!1U0D. 10} Ga. 814. 30 S. E. 911; P5815‘ other masses; but it may also iricluile orna- J

'01‘ V- AS50013?-I011. 19 W. Va. 693. ments or dishes of gold and silver, or foreign coins not current as money, when inteiiiled

{{anchor+|.|BUILDING LEASE A lease of land for to be descriptive of its adaptability to be I "fit! T911“ 0‘ YE-|l‘S. Usually 951 at =1 Tent coined, and not of other purposes to which it felted in “gr0lmd_ reut_." the lessee covenant may he put Hope Co. v. i:eimnn_ 3 In: M "Mt certain edifices tliereon MC0I‘dim.' Mont. 44; Thulheim v. State, 38 Flat. 1(3). 20 K to qvcincation, and to nmintiim the same, south 933; Counsel v_ Min_ C0,, 5 D.1iy (N,

uh, durhig the teim. 11) 77, —B 11! E d. A fund of public riney {{anchor+|.|BUILDING LIEN. The statutory lien or ,,,,,i,‘,‘m,,§’§,} i,f"2,,,,,mfi,,,, Wm, we ,,,;,,t_T_ M

n uznteridl-unin or contractor for the erection the purpose of purchasing precious metals for of a building. Lumber Co. v. Holt, 00 Neb. °°“138E- Sn. 8'.’ N. W. 112, 83 Am. St. Rep. 512: June v. Duke, 35 Tex. Civ. App. 240. so S. W. 406. BUM—BA1'I..II‘I‘. A person employed to don one for a debt: a bailiff employed to ar- {{anchor+|.|BUILIDING SOCIETY. An association rest a debtor. Probably 8. vulgar corruption

in which the subscriptions of the members of “hound-b11lllff.” (q. 12.)