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tff, commanding him to mice It morleralc amtn-cement of the party. Reg. orig. 86b; liitzh. l\'at. Bret. 75, 76.

DE MODO DECIMANDI. Of 11 mudus of tithing. A term applied in English law to a prescription to have ii s| -iinl manner of tithing. 2 Bl. Comm. 29; .3 iph. Comm. 130.

De molendino do ncvo erecta non jncet pmhi! itin. Cru. Jae. -129. A prohibition iies not against a mm-ly—erected mill.

De morta liominis nulls, alt cunctatio langn. Where the death of a human being is (flHJ(€l'iIEt], [in a matter of ilfe and death,l no delay is [L-unsideredj long. Co. Litt 13-}.

DE NATIVO HABENDO. A writ which lay fur a lord dli'e<.led to the sheriff, com- nnimline‘ him to appieliend a fugitive villain. and rcsiure him, with all his chattels, to the lord. lteg. Orig. 87; Fitzh. Nat. Brev. 77.

De nomine proprio nun est cnrandiim min: in su'Ii-stantia non erretlir; qula nominn mntnbilin lunt. res antem im- mobiles. 6 CUlle, 66. As to the proper name, it ls not to be regarded where it errs not in substance, hecalise names are change- able, but things immutable.

De non apparentilllll, et non existenti- ‘nus, eadem est ratio. 5 Coke, b. As to things not - airent, and those not existing, the rule is the same.

DE NON DECIMANDO. Of not pay- Lug iillies. A term applied In English ec- C1BSl‘lSfiClI1 law to a |,)ll’S('l‘l[ICiUl_\ nr LLHIIJ to be entirely discharged of tithes, and to pay no coiupenszition in lieu of them. 2 Bl. Comm. 31.

DE NON PROCEDENDO AD ASSI- SAM. A writ forbidding the justices from hoiding an assise in a particular case. Reg. Orig. 221.

DE NON RESIDENTIA CLEBJICI RE- GIS. An ancient writ where a parscn was €L\.l|i‘ mil in the royal service. ete.. to ex- cuse and‘ disrh-iige him of non-resitlence. 2 Inst. 2044.

DE NON SANE MEMORIE. L. Fr. (If uns-"Ind mommy or mind; a phrase syn- i-,. — v -th < I.‘.0l‘l‘lp()8 mantis.

DE NOVI OPERIS NUNCIATIONE. lii I‘-F Lilil Liu A form of iulerdlct or in- Jill nwi a ‘ii: I lles in some cases where the .1-,1" udant is .li'.“"lit to erect a “new work" i. 1, u in den. ~_ .li0lJ or injury of the plain- Llfl s (‘L _'.'<

DE NOVO. Anew; afresh: a second time. A 1:cuire dc new is a writ for sum-



monlng a jury for the second trial of a which has been sent back from above for ii new tilnl.

De nullo, quad est Ina nnhlra buli- visibile, at divisionem non pntitur, unllam partem liabebit vidua, led Infi- faciat ei nil valentinm. Cu. Ll1.L 3.’. A widow shall have no part of that which in its own nature is indivisible, and is nut is ceptlble of division, but let the heir sii her with an equivalent.

De nnllo tenemento, quad tenetur Ad teruiinlini, fit liomagii, fit tamer: inde fldelitatis sanrnmentum. in no tuieixii. which is held for a teini of years is there an mail of hon]-age; but there is the oiiLLi of realty. Co. Litt. 671).

DE ODIO ET ATIA. A writ directed I the sherifl‘, commanding him to iwmlfli whether a prisoner changed with murder —| committed upon just uiuse of suspicion, Q nieiely proptcr 011:‘-um et ulium, mirough by tred and ill will;) and if, upon the iuuufl tiun, due cause uf susplmun did nut shall; then Lheie issued another wiit for the nu!» iff to adiult him to baiL 3 Bl. Comm 1

DE OFFICE. L oi! ofllce; officially; dinziry duty.

Fr. Of ollice; in virtue in the discharge or or-

DE ONERANDO PRO EATA POE- TIONE. Writ for charging according to I rutiuible proportion. A writ which lay for ii ilolnt tenant, or tenant in common, who Ivfl distrained for more rent than his proportion of the hind came to. Reg. Orlg. 1&2; Fit‘. Nat. Brev. 2.34, H.

DE PACE ET LEGALITATE TEREN- DA. lfior keeping the peace, and fur gouil behavior.

DE PACE ET PLAGIS. Of pest‘ (breach of peace,) and wounds. One of tliu kliuls of criminal appeal formerly in use 3| England, and which lay in cases of a>.s.InL wuiniding, and breach oi! the peace. Lhicr. fol. 1-14; 2 Reeve, Eng. Law, 33»

DE PACE ET ROBERIA. Of DOD [breach of peace] and robbery. One of the kinds of criminal appeal formerly i.u lfivltb England, and which lay in cases of rui-hr; and branch or the peace. Biaet. fnL 1%-, Reeve, Eng. Law, 37.

DE PALABRA. Span. By word: by parol. White. New Recop. b. 2, tit. 19. 0 8, I 2.

DE PARCO FRACTO. A writ or action for damages caused by a pound-breach. Q. 7;.) It has long been obsolete. C0. Lm.

47b: 3 Bl. Comm. 14$