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once, when all parties appeared in court. .ind had their appear-.ii_ue recorded by the proper ol'- llcur. “'hartou.—Dies unlit. ‘h day be- ‘ dun: 1:;-int, the day has come. Two ex- , ms in Roman law which signify the vest- " fixing of an interest, and the interest be- i uuna a prcsrul. one. San(lai's' Just. inst. (5th lfsl.) ‘.25. 23 .—I)ies communes in banco. I:r-galur days for appearance in court; called, also “coiiiuion return-days." 2 Reeve, Eng. hiiiv. 5'i'.—Dieii dntus. -1 day -iven or allni\- cil. (to a defendant in an action: amuiiuting to a L:0l.lIil.lll:]nL9. But the name was appi-upiiate only to u conllniiance before in declnrzition fil- ed: if aftt-i ards iilloiveil. it was called uu '—Dies dntns in hanco. \ d-av’ I'll, (or court of common plc iib. 361. A day given in bank. as dlstlngiiisherl from B dav nt nisi prrius. (‘ . Litt 133 —I!ies datus pa:-tibus. A day given to the parties to an action: on niljoiirnnicut or continuance. Crahb, Eng. Law. 2I‘i'.—Dies dtitua prece pnrtinm. A day gzivcn on the 1-i‘a_ver of the parties. Brnct. fol. ' ('nmm PI. 41; 2 lrlccve. Eng. Law. I" dominicuii. The Lord's day: Suniln . D In old English law. The l1llllNl - 2 day in leap near. I’-iact. fols. 359,3 ih.—Dies fasti. In Rani.-in law. Days on iiliich HIP courts were open, and justhe could be legally ndnilnisteri-d; days on “hich it was lawful for the for to pr:-niiiiilce I]'ll‘7'I] tbc thri-.5 words. "do. ice." “aildico." Mack- I‘llI. ltom. Liiw, § 39. niirl note; 3 Bl. Cnmni. 42. note: Calvin. Hence culled “trim-rhitil . uswnring to tho rlics iuriiliri of the Eu‘:- -—I!ies fer-inti. In the clvil law. Holiday Dig. 2. 12, 2. 9.—-Dies gratim. In Old English [)l'l\('fiCI'. A (In) nl" gin!-e, cour- xrsy, or favor. Co. Litt. 13-“). The qimrln die port iv-i sometimes so called. Id. I3Iia.—Dieii In Roman law. Diiiilcd flnvs: d.iys on which the courts ware nnen for a part of the day. Cnlvin.—Dies juridicns. A law- ful day for the transaction of judicial or court business: a dny on which the courts arc or lD'|y be open fnr the transaction of husin Did-‘bury v. Van Tzisscll. 3|": Hun. 4'33. 10 . Y. fiuiip. 3.‘Z.—I)ies legitimus. In the civil and old Dnglisli law. A lawful or law day: a term day: 51 day of uppoa rn nr‘i- —Dies march- izc. In old English law. Tlua day of meeting nf I'n-glish and Scotch. \\l.ich was annually ilPllI on the marches or liordrrs to adjust their dilfcrrnoi-s and preserve pi=aLe.—Dies ncfasti. In Itoiniin law. Du_vs on iihich the courts were closed, and It was unlawful to administer jllEt‘l1"K" answering In the dies nan iilriilni of [he Eiisrlish law. Mackolrl. Rom. Law. 39. non-. Dies non. An abbrs-i-intion nf Dias mm iurirli is. (q. i.~.)—Dies non jiiridious. In - |'|l'flL'I.'l(‘l*. A day not juridical: not a court day. A day on which courts are not (rpm for husincss. such a. SIIIIIIILVS and some holi- -lnvs. Uaicns v. Stiles. R Idaho. ")0. ’ -ic 56 L. R. A. 736, 101 Am. St. Rap. 105; . v. I'lir-kotts. 74 N. C. 19."».—Dies pncis. (I of [J4-"al'c) The year was formerly cliviili-d Into the (l:‘H'§ of the pr-tire of the church and the days o the peace of the klng. incliidlng lu Ihe two dii ions a the days of the year. Crabb, Eng. Law. 3. —I)ies sols:-is. In old English law. A solar ilny, as distlnguished from what was milled "di'c.s luixrzi-i.~2." (a lunar fl-iy.) both composing an artificial day. Brzict. fol 264. See DAY.—Dies solis. In the civil and nld English law. Sunday. (literally, the day of the sun.) Sce Cnd. 3. 12. 7.—Dieu iiti- les. Juriiliral days: usnful or available days. A term of the Roman law. used to ilcsigznate lliose especial days occurring within the limits

3 \ yxwfikfi V-x'\«y\ at kvmt own Wh'\(‘h ‘it.

was lawful, or possible. to do in specific act

Dies dominion! non est jnridjcus. Sunday Is not a court day, or day for judicial



proceedings, or legal purposes. Cu. Lilt. 13541; Noy. Illax. 2; “in-,1. Max. 7. Lunx. 5: Broom. Max. 21.

Dies inceptus pro completo hahetnr. A day hoguu is held us cuinplctiz.

Dies incex-tn: pro contlitione halietur. An uncertain day Is held as a condition.

DIET. A general leglslatlve IlSSEl.I.|l)ly is sometimes so called on the continent of En- rune,

In Scotch prnctine. The sittim: ot‘ a Court. An appearance ilily. A day h.\eiI Iul‘ the trlal of a Criinmnl cause. A crn.uu.i:il cause as prepared for triul

DIETA. A day's journey; a day's Work: a day's expenses.

DIETS OF COMPEARANCE. In Scotch law. The days witliiu whlch piutles In cl"i1 und criminal prosecutions are cited to appear. Bell.

DIEU ET MON DROIT. Fr. God and my right. The motto of the royal iirnu nt England, first assumed by Richard 1.

DIEU SON ACTH. L. F1‘. In old law. God his uct; God's act. An event beyond liuinan foresight or control. Terines do la


DIFFACERE. To destroy; to (hsfigure G or deface.

DIFFERENCE. In an agreelnent for sub-

mission tu arbitration. "iliheicnce" means diszigreenient or dispute. I‘i'zirert v. Fesler. 11 Colo. App. 337. 53 Pac. 288: Pioneer Mtg. Co. v. Phoenix Assur. 00., 106 N. C. 28. 10 S. E. 10.37.


Difiicile est tit nuns homo vicem Elnornm siistineat. 4 Coke. 118. It is tlitlitull‘. | that one man should sustain the place of two.

DIFFICULT. For the meaning of the phrase “(Iifiicult mid extriioriliuary case." as used in New York statutes and practice. see Standard Trust Co. v. New York. etc., R. Co.. ii 178 N. Y. 407. 70 N. E. 92 : Fox v. Gould. E Haw. Prat. Y. "8: Iloi-min v. McKenzie (Coni. PI.) 17 N. Y. Supp. 174: DV(‘km:Ifl v. McDonald, 5 How. Prac. (N. Y.) 121.

DIFFORCIARE. In Old English Ian‘. To deny, or keep from one. D1'fforcirire rectum. to deny justice to any one, after having '¥)l.‘l.‘i."[‘O\.'f-‘l’[‘C‘.JDv".’\.It..

DIGAMA, or DIGAMY. Second marrlngze: inarrimze to it semiid Wife after the dcath of the first, as “-hlg:in1y." In law. ls \iav'\ug “so Winn at D\\\‘.('. \rr\-.g\-.ia\\s, a man who married a wldow, or married rig.-iin after the death of his wife, was sald to be

guilty of lligiilny. Co. LitL 40!), note.