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with which It has sometimes been con- lowauce made to a merchant or inipo founded. in the case of goods sold by weight or

By dowry, in the Louisiana C1“-1 Cage’ is able by weight. to cover possible loss meant the elf:-rts which the wife brings to the weight in llfl_|.\(l.lll1lg or from dimsuuufi husband to support t'be expenses of marriage. sCa1(._.,,_ Mmfiott V Emma 9 H0“ ‘:8 It is given to Lbe husband. to be enjoyed by him L Ed “Q Q ‘I '0 '1‘ V . ' . ' so long as the marriage shall last, and the in- ,' ' '1‘; ' 9' "Der V‘ ifs‘ 07- 137 come of it belongs to him. He alone has the 54 133- '0 5"lI- CL 533. 39 L- Eli 565: H? adniinistration of it during uinrrlilge, and his pier v_ Bumey_ 17 pea Ca; 11.19_ wife fiillliflodt deprive hilil] of dTbe real estate '

tt v ' ‘ ‘ ' -v 311.3. 5.‘. .35.‘.-'.¥..‘§.‘é‘.§‘..‘§'§3. 50.135: .'§‘§ia‘,i‘?.’i‘§1 DRAFTSMAN- Any one who draw or tion to the contrary. De Young v. De Young, flames :1 legal document, a u.. it will. 6 La. Ann. 786. veyance, pleading, etc.

DOZEIN. L. Fr. Twelve: a person DRAGOMAN. An interpreter eimilo;-33 twelve years of age. St. 18 Eiliv. II.; Iiar- in the east, and particularly at the Tori ring. Ob. St. 208. court.

DOZEN PIEIERS. Twelve peers assem- DRAIN, ii. To make dry; to draw otr bled at the iiistaiue at the barons, in the water; to rid land of its superfluous um. reign of Ilenry III., to be privy counselors, tnre by adapting or Improving n:\i'urul fl- or rather conservators of the kingdom. tercourses and supplementing H_i(‘Iii, whiz

QR An bb _ fl t d . 1 ]IJ,€‘(!e1‘::il;§S‘, Cl]_i1' (:’13rSt)ificial dit(-bes. People I,

, a rev1.i on or “ octor:' a- an" , a. ‘ .

so, in commercial usage, for "debtor," indicating the items or "u'tiCnl:‘u‘s in a bill DRAIN, n. A trench or ditch to (.7. or in an account book chargeaiiie against water from wet land; a channel ibrouqfl the person to whom the bill is rendered or which water may flow MI. in whose name the account stands, as o[)- The wc|]'d has no technical lggal mmniu posed to “Cr." (“credit” or “creilitor"), which 1331 llollofiv SD“CEtiD the if-ling, urgorai or

. - ti cm, w cre wn er is no ectc an pant-i: Indicates the “ems for which he 15 given is a ditch or drain. Goiilthwait v. Iiaist BTII’. Credit. Jaqna v. Sbewalter, 10 1nd App, water’ 5 Gray (Muss) (;1_ ‘I34, 37 N. E. 1072.

The word “draln" also sometimes denotti DRAGHMA_ A term emplofld in am the enseniont or servitude (acquired by not pleadings and ,.eCm.ds_ to denote a gmat or prescription) which consists In the rum T-Dw“5h_ PL 1341 to drain water tbrough another‘s land. See An Athenian sliver coin, of the value of 3 Ken“ C0’-9'-‘L 436- about fifteen cents.

DRAM. In common parlance. this i['i'ii‘l DRAGO REGI5_ The stnndari ensign II|E‘:‘iiiB a drink or some substance contaiului; or mfluary Colors home In Wm, by the an_ alcohol. something which can ]iro(’l\1ce ib-

cient kings of England. having the figure of t°x‘C’m°“- 1395' ‘7- Smtev 39 T‘-“’ 223- a dragon painted the}-eon_ —D1-am-slmp. A drinking saloon, where llq- nnrs are solil to be (hunk an the rim

“ . 1 1. 0 - 13- ~ . DRAGONIAN LAWS. A code of laws ,..t,.’,',fl"_.,§ §,5',f_"“ m1C},‘,n_1;_”3,a,.;;’f,‘ski_ 1:9

(3 prepared by Draco, the celebrated la\v_;i\er Mass. GS, 21 N. E. 228. of Athens. These laws were exceedingly severe, and the term is now sometimes ap- DRAMATIC COMPOSITION. In copy- plied to any laws of unusual harshness. right law. A literary work setting forth a stun. incident, or scene from life. in which, DRAFT. The common term for :1 bill or hon ever, the narrative is not related, but In excllllllgei 35 1'9“-15,’ r171"-Wt by Olle IJEFSOIJ 011 represented by a dialoigue and action; IIAV . another. Hinneinanu v. Roseulinclt, 39 N. include a descriptive poem set to music, or Y. 100: Douglass v. Wiikeson. G Wend. (N, a pantoiniiie, but not a ('nm1u)sltinn for i:i]ll- ' Y.) 643. sic-ii instruments alone, nor :1 niere spectacu- An order for the payment of money drawn lar exliililiioii or stage ilmice. Duly v. I‘.ilm- Iiy one person on another. It is said to be er, (3 Fed. Cas. 1152; Carte v. Duff (0. 0.) a iwmcn r/rnerlilissinutm, and to inL-lutle :ill 25 Fail 1S3-, Toinpkliis v. Llalleck, ]3'i such orders. Wimes v. Savage. 1 Story. 30. .\[:1ss.33.43 Am. Rep. Am; Russell v.SillltlI. 29 Fed. Cas. 1226-. State v. Warner, G0 12 Adui. E: El. 236; liiartloetti v i\IcGuiie, Kan 94, 55 PZIL‘ 342 16 Fed. (‘as. 920: Fuller v. Beinis (C. 0.) Draft also signifies a tentative, pro\ision- Fed. 926. a], or preparatory Writing out of any docu- ment (as a will, contiact, lease. etc) for DRAW. 71- 1- A EDUVHNE Sefltiflll 0|‘ I purposes of discussion and C(il1‘("('ti0IJ, and bridge, which may he raised up or turnmi which is afterwards to be copied nut in its to one side. so as to admit the passage of anal shape vessels. Giidcrsieere v. ltaiiru-id ('0. (D.

also a small arbitrary deduction or 111- Fed. 766; Hughes v. Railroad Co.