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cinzilly used in bankruptcy proceedings, the adjudication being the order which declares the debtor to be a bankrupt.

In French law. A snle made at public auction und upon coinlictition. Adjudications are vulniitury_ judicial, or ad.Lninistrntive. Duierger.

In Scotch law .\ species of diligence, or

process for trans erring the estate of a debt- or to a c1'ediI,or, ('.1I‘|'I(-Ed on us iin ordinary action before the court of session A species of judiciai siile. i-eileeuiable by the debtor. A decreet of the lords of sesswn, ndjudging and 2l])[)|’tJ[)1'ii1lill:§ a person's lands, beredit'i— iiients_ or any heritable right to belong to his (.‘l'etl.lC01', vibe is called the “adjudgur," for p-.iyinunt or pe1'foi'1nnnce. Bell: Ersl: Inst. c. 2, tit. 12, §§ 3‘.}~5.‘:; For-b. Inst. pt. 3, b. 1, c. 2, tit. 6. —-Adjudication contra hmtcditntsm ja- eeutem. \\ hi-n i1 debtors hi-ir uppareiit re- nounces the sucussion, any creditor miiy otiI:_iiu ii decree cagiiiliuiiis tuusu, the puipose E which is that the miiuuut of the debt may be a l'lZll.lI14' ed so (bat the reni esiiite HID} he silJnil,:iil.— Adjudication in bankruptcy. See BANK- Elli u.)'.—Au;.nc.1cntiui.i in Implement. An ntllon by I}. [;I'llI.Ii.t"e ug iinst his giiintor to coin- pei him to Lunipiete the titie.

ADJUNCTIO. In the civil law. Adjunct'un; a species of accessiu, whereby two things beiun ng to (l_ift'erent proprietors are brought into fiiin connettion iiith OJCII other; sucii as iiiteriveuving, (i'nl'crtcwturu;) Weid- in,; together, (ail/errimiinutio,-) soidering together, (tuiplumbizi-uri1.;) 1:-iinting, (piCturlz;) nriting, [sL'l"‘l.[lllLI'll,‘) building, (imrdi/icul'io;) sowing, (.sutio;) and plantiiig. (1JIuntn.l’iu.) Inst. 2, 1, 2. Dig. ti. 1, 2.3‘, Mackeld. Iwni. Law, 5 2m. See ACLILSSIO.

AD-IUNCTS. Additional judges sometimes am ointed in the English high court of delegates. See Shell“. Lun. 310.

ADJTJNCTUM ACCESSORTUM. cessury or uppurtenance.


ADJIIZRATION. A swearing or binding upon on th. ADJUST. To bring to proper relations;

to settle: to determine auil iippoi-Lion an uinount due. liialierty v. lnsui':ii‘ice Co.. 110 App. Div. 275, -16 N. Y. Supp. 931; l\liller v. Insurance Co, 113 Iowa, 211, 84 N. W. 10-}! \\ -isliii_i-,vIun County v. SL Louis, etc, P. CO-. 58 M0. 376.

ADJUSTMENT. In the law of Insur- ance, the adjustment of a ioss is the ascertainment of its amount and the riitabie (listriliiition of it among those liable to pay it; the settling and astert-dining the amount or the indemnity which the assured, after ail aiiowiinces and deductions mode. is entitled to receive under the policy, and fixing the proportion which each underixriter is liaiile to pay. Mnrsh. Ins. (41:11 Ed.) 499; 2 Phil.



Ins. §§ 1814, 1815; New York v. Insurance Co., 39 N. Y, alt”), 100 .-\nJ. Dec. 400; Whipple v. insurance Co., 11 Ii‘. 1. 139.

Adjnvaxi quippe 110:, 11011 decipi, beneflcio opox-tet. We ought to be t':i\oi'ei]., not i.i.ijuieil, by that which is intended for our benefit. (The species of baiimcnt called "loan” must be to the advantage of the borrower, not to his detriment.) story, Bailni. 5 275. See 8 El. 8: BL 1051.

ADLAMWR. In Welsh law. A proprietor “ho, for some ciiuse. eiitered the service of nuotlier proprietor, and left him after the expiration of a your and :1 iiiiy. He was liable to the payment of 30 pence to his patron. Wh:ii'lon.

ADLEGIARE. To purge one‘s self of I crime by oath.

ATJMANIJENSIS. A person who swore by laying his hi.i.nds on the book.

ADMIJASIIREMENT. K119351111}; measuring Ollt; 8.SEiI|;'ll.ll1£‘ OF III)- poitioninent by measure, that is, by fixed quantity or value, by certiiiu limits, or in definite and fined pr01)ortiuus.

—Admeiisnrement of flower. In practice. A rcni_ud_v which l_ay for the heir on reaching his majority to rectify an ussignment of dower made diirin;:_ his niinoi-iry, by which the dimeress hiid received more than she mm legally ontitied to. 2 Bl. Comm. 136: Gilb. Uses, 31".). In some of the status the statutory proceeding enahiing a widow to L'0l|J'[Jl’l the assignment of donor is cziili-id "adineiisurenient of dower' ._Ad1r_ea.sn1-ement of pasture. ln En ish iiiw. A writ which iies belii eon those that have common of pasture appemlant, or by vicininze. in cases vihere any one or more of them sur- charges the common wilb more cattle than they ought Br.-uL foi. 2200.; 1 Crsbb. Reul Dion. p. _318, 3-'-S.—iAili.iie.i;sui-ement, writ of. It iiiy against prisons W110 usurped more tluin their share, in the two followinsg (-uses: ,\vi- nieiisurement of dimer, and ndmensurement of paslure. Terincs de hi Ley.

Ascertainrnent by

ADIVIENSURATIO.}} ll) old E "llsh luw. Adiueiisureinent. Reg. Orig. 156, 157.

ADMIEZATORES. Ill old Italian law. Persons ciinsen by the consent of contending parties, to decide questions between theni.

Literally, mediators. Spelinan. ADIVIINICLE. In Scotch law. A11 and or support to something else. A colliile

deed or writing, i-eferiing to another iviiich has been lost, and which it is in general nec- essary to produce before the tenor of the lost deed cnn be proved by piirol evidence. Ersk. Inst. h. 4. Ht 1, § 55.

Used as an English word in the statute or 1 Edw. IV. e. 1, in the sense of aid, or support.

In the civil law. Report.

Imperfect proof. Merl. See Aumnicunum.

ADMINICULAR. Auxiliary to. "The

murder would be udminicuiur to the rob-