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HERISCINDIUM. A division of house- hold goods. Biount.

HERISLIT. Iaying down of arms. Biount. Desertion from the army. Spelman.

HERISTAL. The station of an army; the place where a camp is pitched. Speinlnn.

I-IERITABIJ-J. Capable (bf being tnken by descent. A term chiefly used in Scotch law, where it enters into several phrases.

-1-ex-itable bond. A bond for a sum of money to which is added, for further security of the creditor, a conveyance of land or herit- age to be held by the creditor as pledge. 1 Ross, Conv. 76; 2 Conv. 324.—I-Ierit- able jurisdictionj. Grants of criminul ju- risdiction formerly hsstowed on great families in Scotland. to facilitate the administration of

justice. “-'hislmw. Abolished In effect by St. Geo. II. c. 50. Tor:nlins.—-Heritnble obligation. In Louisiana. An obligation is herit-

able when the hens and assigns of one party may enforce the performance against the heir: of the other. Cfiv. Code La. art. 199'I.—Herit- able rights. In Scotch law. Rights of the heir: all rights to land or whatever is connect- cd with land, as miils, fishings, tithes, etc.

FIERITAGE.}} In the civil. law. Every species of immovable which can be the sub- ject of property; such as lands, houses. or- chards, woods. marshes, ponds. etc., in whatever mods they may have been acquired, either by descent or purchase. 3 Touilier. no. 472.

In Scoteh law. Land, and all property connected with land; real estate, as disticnuishcd from movahles, or personal estate. Bell.

HJ-IRITOR. In Scotch law. A propri- etor of land. 1 Kunues, Eq. Pref.

I-IERMANDAD. In Spanish law. A fraternity formed among dltfereut towns and villages to prevent the commission of crimes. and to prevent t.he abuses und vex-itions to which they were subjected by men in power. Bouvier.

HIIRMAPHRODITE. In medical jurisprudence. A person of doubtfui or double sex; one possessing, renlly or nppurcutly, nnd in more or less developed fonn. some or all of the genital organs of both sexes.

Haunaphr-oditns tam rnnsculo qumm frterninaa comparntnr, secundum praavn.I.. entirun nexus incalescentil. An hermaphrodite is to be considered mule or female according to the predominance of the exciting sex. Co. Litt. 8; Bract fol. 5.

HERMENEUTICS. The science or art of construction and interpretation. By the piirrse “legal hermeneutics" is understood the systems tic body of rules which are recognized as applicable to the construction and interpretation of legal writings.


HIDALGO B'_‘l-IRMI-IR. A great lord. Jacob. HERMOGENIAN CODE. See Coon Einrmoosmnrws. I-IERNESCUS. A heron. Cowell.

H E R N}: S I U M, or HERNASIUM. Household goods; implements of trade or hushaudry; the rigging or tackle of a ship. Cowell.

}i'_‘ERO'UD, HERAUD. L. Fr. A herald II:-IERPEX. A harrow. Spelmun.

HERPICATIO.}} In Old English law. A day‘s work with a hnrrow. Spelrnun.

HERI-‘LING SILVER. This was a composition in money for the custom of supplying herrings for the provision of a religious house. Wburton.

IL‘!-IRUS. Lat. A master. Servus tacit ut horns (let, the servant does [the work] in order that the master may give [him the wages agreed on.] H ems (lat at serous flu-it. the master gives [or ngrees to give, the wages] in consideration of, or vsith a view to, the servant's doing [the \vorh.] 2 Bi Comm. 445.

I-IESIA. An easement. Du Czrnge.

HEATH CORN. In old records. 00111 or grain given or devoted to religious persons or purposes. 2 Mon. Angl. 3(5'Ib; Cowell.

FIESTA, or HESTHA. A little loaf of bread.

HETERARCHA. The head of a relig- ious house; the head of a college; the warden of a cor-ilorution.

HETERIA. In Roman law. society, or college.

A company.

I-IEUVCELBORH. Sax. law. A surety, twurrrmms.)

In old English

I-IEYLODE. In old records. A custom- ary burden upon inferior tenants, for mending or repairing hays or hedges. HEYMECTUS. A harnet; a net fol‘ catching couies. Cowell.

HIBIZRNAGIIJM. The season for sowing winter corn. Cowell.

HIDAGE.}} An extraordinary tax former- ly payable to the crown for every hide of iand. This taxation was levied, not in money. bnt provision of armor. etc. Cowell.

HIDALGO. In Spanish law. A noble; a person entitled to the rights of nobility.

By hirlaiyas nre understood men chosen from