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but solidity of reason. is to be considered. Co. Litt. 141a. The antiquity of a custom is to be less regarded than its reasonableness.

IN CONTINIINTI. Immediately: vi'iLhout any intervni or intermission. Calvin. Sometimes written as one word "¢'ncont:'-


In cont:-actibns, benignn; In testamentis. benignior; in 1-estitntionibns, be- nignissima inter-pretatio faeienda. est. Co. Litt. 112. In contracts, the interpretation is to be liberal; in wills, more liberal: in restitutions, most liberal.

In cnntraetlbnn, rel veritas potins qnnm Icriptnrn. per-spici debet. In contracts, the truth of the matter ought to be regarded lather than the writing. Cod. 4, 22, 1

In cont:-aetibns, tncite insnnt [veni- nnt] qnse snnt moris et eonsnstndinis. In contracts. matters of custom and usage are tacitiy inipiicd. A contract is understood to contain the customary clauses. although they are not expressed. Story, Bills, 5 143: 3 Kent. Comm. 260. note: Broom, Max. 842

In contrahenda wenditione, nmbignnm pnctnm oontra ventlitnrem interpretann dnm est. In the contract of sale, an ambignous agreement is to be interpreted axainst the seller. Dig. 50, 17, 172. See Id, 18, 1, 21.

In eonwentinnilrns, oontrahentinm volnntas potins qniun verbs. spectnri pla- cuit. In agreements, the intention of the contracting parties, rather than the words used. shonid be regarded. Broom. Max. 551; Jackson v. Wilkinson, 17 Johns. (N. Y.) 1m.

IN C-ORPORE. In body or substance: in a material thing or object

IN CRASTINO. On the marrow. In 1:1-astino .-ininuznun, on the morrow of All Souls. 1 Bl. Comm. 342.

In uriminalibnl, prabntionel debent ease lnce clurinres. In crinlinnl cases, the proofs ought to be clearer than light. 3 Inst. 210.

In crimlnnlilrnl, lnflicit generalis Infla- litia intentionil, cum faeto par-is grad- us. In crinunal matters or cases. 11 general malice of intention is sufficient, [if uuitcd] with an act of equal or corraponding de gree. Bac. Max. p. 65. reg. 15; Broom, Max. 323

In or-iminnlibns, vol-untns repntabitnr pro fucto. In criminal arts the will will be inhen for the deed. 3 Inst. 106.



IN C-UJIYS RBI TESTIMONIUM. In testimony whereof. The initial words of the concluding clause of ancient deeds in Latin, literally transinted in the English forms.

IN CIYSTODIA LEGIS. In the custody or keeping of the law. 2 Steph. Comm. 74.

IN DELIC-TO. Dnucro, etc.

In innit. See In Pun

IN DIEM. For a day; for the space of ii day. Culvln.

In disjnnctivls sllfflcit alteram pattern else we:-am. In djsjunctives it is sumcient that either part be true. “ here a condition is in the disjunctive, it is suificient if either part be performed. Wing. Max. 13, max. 9: Broom, Max. 592, 7 East, 272.

IN DOMINICO. In demesne. In da- minicn mm In de feodo, in his demesne as of tee.

l'N DORSO. On the back. 2 Bl. Comm. -168; 2 Steph Comm. 164. In rlorso recordi, on the back of the record. 5 Cake, 45. Hence the English tndorse, lndarsmnent, etc.

In dnbiis. benigniora pr-aeferenda lunt. In doubtful cases, the more fnvorabie views are to be preferred: the more iiheral interpretation is to be followed. Dig. 50, 17. 56: 2 Kent. Comm. 557.

In dnbiis. magi: dignnm est swipi- endnm. Brauch, Princ. In doubtful eases, the more worthy is to be accepted

In dnbiis, non In-aesnmitnr pro testa- mento. In cases of doubt, the presumption is not in favor of a will. Brunch, Princ. But see Cro. Car. 51.

IN DUBIO. In doubt; in a state of ucnertainty, or in a doubtful case.

In dnbio. lune Icgls constructio qnrun vsrlm ostendunt. In :1 case of doubt that is the construction of the law winch the words indicate Branch, Princ.

In dnbio, pars mitlor est leqnendn. In doubt, the milder course is to be followed.

In dnbio, leqendnm qnod tntlun est. In doubt, the safer course is to be atloptcd. Dzmmlt in (In-

IN IJUPLO. In double.


plo, double damages. Fleta, iii). 4, c. 10. 5 1. L

IN EADEM CAIYSA. In the same state

or condition Galvin.


or hatroxl of a neighbor. Where an act is