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be several sureties, however numerous they may be, they are individually bound for the whole debt. Inst. 3. 21, 4. In parte sive in solidum, for a part or for the whole. Id. 4, 1, 16. See Id. 4, 6, 20; Id. 4, 7, 2.

IN SOLO. In the soil or ground. In solo alieno. in another's ground. In solo proprio, in one's own ground. 2 Steph. Comm. 20.

IN SPECIE. Specific: specifically. Thus, to decree performance in specie is to decree specific performance.

In kind: in the some or like form. A thing is said to exist in specie when it retains its existence as a distinct individual of a particular class.

IN STATU (1110. In the condition in which it Was. See STATUS Quo.

In stxpulntionibus cum quasi-itur quid netum sit vex-ha contra stipulate:-em interpretandn aunt. In the construction of agreements words are interpreted against the person using them. Thus, the construction of the stiziulatio is against the stipu- lator, and the construction of the prmuissia against the promlssor. Dig. 45. 1. 38, 18: Broom. Max. 509

In otipulatiunibun, id tcmpus spectatur qnu contrahimus. In stipulations, the time when we contract is regarded. Dig. 50. 17, 144, 1.

IN STIRPES. In the law of intestate succession. According to the roots or stocks; by representation; as distliigiiished from succession per capiia. See PER STIRPES; Pan C-APITA.


In suo quisque negotio hebetinzr est qunm in alieno. Every one is more duli In his own business than in another‘s.

IN TANTUM. far; so greatly.

In so much: so much; so Iteg. Orig. 97, 106.

IN TERMINTS TERMINANTIBUS. Iu teinis of determination; exactly in point. 1.1 Coke, 401: In exprws or determinate terms. 1 Leon. 93.

IN TERROREM. In terror or Warning: by way of threat. Applied to legacies given upon condition that the recipient shall not dispute the validity or the dispositions of the will: such a condition being usually |'E'_“.ll'(1Ed as a mere threat.

IN TERROREM POPULI. Lat. TO the terror of the people. A technical phrase necessary in indictments for riots. 4 Car. & P. 373.

Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)—39



In teltnmentis plenins teatatoris intentiunem scrutaanur. In Wills we more especially seek out the intention of the testator. 3 Bulst. 103; Bruoin, Max. 555.

In testaanentis pleniul voluntates testantiunn interpretantur. Dig. 50. 17. 12. In wills the intention of testators is more especially regarded. “That is to say,” si_\s Mr. Broom. (Max.. 568,) “n will will receive a more liberal construction than its strict meaning, it alone considered, would permit.”

In tentamentin ratio tacita non dehet oonsirlera.-ri, sed verbs soluni spectriri debent; mice per divinntinnem mantis .u verbia recedere durum est. In wills an unexpiessed mennimz ought not to be considered. ‘but the words alone ought to he looked to; so hard is it to recerle from the words by guessing at the intention

IN TESTIIVIONIUM. in evidence whereof.

Let. in Witness ;

IN TOTIDEM VERBIS. In so many Words: in precisely the same words: word for word

IN TOTO. In the whole: wholly; completely; as the award is void in mm.

In toto et pars continetur. In the whole the part also is contained. Dig. 50, 17, 113.

In trnilitiunibus acriptorum, non quod dictum est, sed quad gestum est, inspicitur. In the delivery or writings, not what is said, but what is done, is looked to. 9 Coke, 13711.

IN TRAJECTU. on the voyage over. 3 C. Rob. Adm. 141.

In the passage oier: See Sir Williiun Scott.

IN TRANSITU. In transit; on the way or passage; while [NISSIIIE from one person or place to another. 2 Kent, Comiu. ..‘i40— 552: More v., 13 Nev. 333: Amory l\If;,-. Co. v. GuIl‘_ etc.. It. (‘(1.. S9 Tet. 419, 37 S. W. 836. 59 Am. St. Rep. 65. On the VO_V.l_;>‘. 1 C. Roh Adm. 833.

IN VACUO. concomitnn ts or

Without object; WiLhour coherence.

IN’ VADIO. In gage or pledge. 2 Bl Comm. 157. IN VENTRE SA MERE. L. Fr. In

his mother’s womb; spoken of an unborn child.

In vex-san qua-ntitatem fide,'Iu.sso1-tene- ahu-, ujsi pro as-rta quantitate scoessit. Let the surety be holden for the true quantity, unless he agree for a eertsln quantiiy,

Bean v. Parker, 17 Mass. 597.