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AINESSE. In French feudal law. The right or privilege of the eldest born: primogeniture; esnecy. Guyot, Inst. Feud. c. 17.

AIR. That fluid transparent substance which snrrnuiiils our globe. Bank v. Ken- uett. 101 Mo. App. 370, 74 S. W. 474.

AIRE. In old Search law. The court of the justices itinerant, correspondi g with the English eyre. (q. 4:.) Shane ile Verb. Sign. voc. lter.

AIRT AND PAIRT. In old Scotch crimin.ii law. .—‘lc(:essaii‘y; contriver and partner. 1 l’iic. Ciiiu Tr. pt. 1. 1). 155; 3 How. State 'l‘r. 601. Now written an and pant, (q. 1:.)

AIR.-WAY. In English law. A passage for the admission of air into a mi.ue. To ma- liuonsly fill up, ohstrntt, or iluiiiage, With in- lI:IIl' to destroy, obstruct, or render useless the an‘-nay to any mine, is a felony pin.iish- nhle by penal servitude or imprisonnient at ihe discretion of the cuzii t. ’.’.-l & 25 Vict. c. 97. § 28.

AISIAMENTUM. In Old English law. Anensement. Spclinan.

AISNE or EIGNE. the eldest or first born.

In old English law.

AJOURNMENT. In French law. The iii-ruiiient pursuant to which an action or suit is Luininenceil, equivalent to the writ at -iimmous in England. Actions, however, lilr in some cases commenced by requéte or .|IlllIlOlL Arg. Fr. Marc. Law, 545.

AJIIAR. In Spanish law. Parapherna- lia. 'l.he jewels and furniture which a wife l1'ui.;s in marriage.

AJUTAGE.}} A tube, conical in form, lhtelilleil to be applied to an aperture through which water passes, whereby the flow or the miter is greatly increased. See Schuylkill Nev. Co. v. Moore, 2 \Yhart. (P:1.) 477.

AKIN. “.\-wt-a-km."

In old English law. 7 Mod. 140.

Of kin.

AL. L. Fr. At the: to the. the bar. Al lmis d'Ls[1lisc; iluor.

Al barre; at at the Church-

ALJE ECCLESIJE. The wings or side aisles of a church. Illount.

ALANERARIUS. A manager and keep- er of dogs for the sport of hawking: from alarms, in dog known to the ancients. A tuicoiier. Blount.

ALARM LIST. The list of persons liable to military watches, who were at the same


thne exempt from trainings and musters. See Prov. Laws 1TT.”r'i'(i, c. 10. 5 18; Const. Mass. c. 11, 5 1. art. 10; Pub. St. Mass. 1e82, p. 1287.

ALBA FIRMA. I-n old English L’lW. White rent; rent payable in silver or white money, as distinguished from that whigh was anciently paid in corn or provisions, called black mail, or black rent. speiman; Reg. Orig. 31913.

ALBACEA. In Spanish law. An executor or administrator; one who is charged with fultilling and executing that which is directed by the testator in his testament or oLhei' last disposition. Emeric v. Alvaiado. (14 Cal. 529, 2 Par. 418, 433.

ALBANAGIUM. stiite of alienage; alien.

In aid French law. The of being a foreigner or

ALBANIJS. In old French law. A stran- ger, alien, or foreigner.

ALBINATUS. In aid French liiw. The state or condition of an alien or foreigner.

ALBINATUS .1115. In old French law. The druit d'aubuine i.u France, whereby the king. at an alien's death, was entitled to all his property, unless he had peculiar exemption. Iicpeaied by the French laws in June, 1791.

ALBUM BR]-IVE. A hlank Writ; a writ with a hlaui: or omission in it.

ALBIJS LIB]-JR. The White hook; an antient book containing a compilation of the_ law and customs of the city or London. It has lately been reprinted by order 01.‘ the master of the rolls.

ALCAIBALA. In S1ia.nlsh law. A duty of a certain per cent. paid to the treasury on the sale or exchange or property.

ALCALDE. The name of a judicial ot- flcer in Spain, and hi those countries which have received their laws and institutions from Spain. His funttions somewhat resembled those of mayor in small mniiici1i:iiities on the continent, or justice of the peace i.n England and most of the United Sluies. Castilleru v. U. S., 2 Black, 17, 19-1, 17 L. E11. 360

ALCOHOLISM. In medical jurispru- dence. The piithnlogical effect (as distin- guished from physiological client) of excessive indulgence i.u hitoxicating liquors. It is acute when induced by excessive potatious at one time or in the course or a single dehauch. An attack of delirium tremens and alcoholic homlcidnl mania are examples of this form.

It is clzraniv when resulting from the lon.,- M