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Ing to the cabinet ministers or secretaries of the vailous departments of the United States goiernincnt, as. "intendant of marine," "intend.iut of finance."

The term was also used in Aiahruna [0 designate the d.ll€f executive 0i.llL€l' of 11 city or town. having practically the same duties and functions as a mayor. See Const. Ala. 1901, § 171}; Intendunt and Council of Lireensboro v. Mullins. 13 Ala. 341.

INTENDED TO BE RECORDED. This phi-ase is frequently used in conveyances, “hen reciting some other convey ance which has not yet been recuided, but which forms a link in the chain of title. In Pennsylvania, it has been construed to be a covenant. on the part of the grantor, to procure the deed

to he recorded in I1 reasonable time. Penn v. Preston. 2 Rawle (Pa.) 14. INTENDENTE. In Spanish law. The

immediate agent of the minister of finance, or the chief and principal director of the different branches of the revenue. appointed in the various departments in each of the provinces i.uto which the Spanish monarchy is di- vided. Escriche.

INTENDMENT 0_F LAW. The true meaning, the correct understanding or intention 01' the law; a presumption or inference made by the courts. Co. Lltt. 78. —Commnn intendment. The natural and usual sense: the common _meaning or undersuindin the plain meaning of any writing as app ‘eat on its face without straining or distorting the construction.

INTENT. 1. In criminal law and the law of evidence. Purpose; formulated design; I resolve to do or forhear a particular act: aim; determination. In its literal sense, the stretching of the mind or will towards a particular object.

"Intent" expresses mental action at its most adviinwd point, or as it actually accompanies an o_u1uard, corporal act which has been determined on. Intent shows the presence of [mil in the act which conummates 2 crime. It is the exercise of intelligent will, the mind being fully aware of the nature and consequences of the act which is shout to be done. rind with such knowledge, and with full liberty of action. willing and electing to do it. Burrill. Circ. EV.

$1 and notes. —General intent. An intention. purpose. or design. either without spccihc plan or particu- lar olucct, or without reference to such plan or object.

2. Meaning; purpose: signification; intendment: applied to words or language. See CERTAINTY.

—Common intent. to words.

The natural sense given

INTENTIO.}} Lat. In the civil law. The formal complaint or claim of a plalntifl before the printer.

In old English law. A count or declaration in a real action. (narrat'i0.) Brnct, lib. 1. tr. 2, c. 2; Fleta, lih. 4. c. 7; Du Gauge.



A blind or obscure 2 Buisi. 179.

Intentio execs. male. meaning is bad or ineffectual. Said of a. testator’s intention.

Intentio inservire dehet legihus, nun leges intentiuni. The intention [of a party] ought to be subservient to [Dr in accord- ance Vlltlii the iavxs. not the laws to the inteutioli. Co. Litt. 31411, 3141).

Intentio men hnponit numen operi men. Hob. 123. My i.ntent gives a. name to my act.

INTENTION. Meaning: w1ll; purpose; design. “The intention of the lestator, to be collected from the whole will. is to govern, provided it he not unlawful or lnconsist eiit uith the rules of law." 4 isent. Comm 534.

"Intention." when used with reference to the construction of wills and other ducumenta means the sense and meaning of it, as gatbere from the words used therein. Paroi evidence not ordinarily admissible to explain this. When used with reference to civil and criminal responsibility, a person who contemplates any result, as not unlikely to follow from a de- liberate act of his own, may be said to intend that result, whether he desire it or not. Thus. if a man should, for a wager. discharge a gun among a multitude of people, and any should he killed. he would be deemed guilty of intending the death of such person; for every man is presumed to intend Hie natural conse- quence of his own actions. Intention is often confounded with motive, as when we speak of a mn.n’s “good intentions." Mozley & Wllilley

INTENTIONE. A writ that lay against him who entered into lands after the death of a tenant in flower, or for life. etc., and held out to him in reversion or remainder Fitzh Nat. Brev. 203.

INTER. Lat. Among; between.

INTER ALIA. Among other things. A term ant-iently used in pleading. especially in reciting statutes, where the whole statute wits not set forth at length. Inter cilia enactatum fail, among other things it was enacted. See Piowd. 65.

Inter alias causes acquisitionis, magn.s., celebx-is, et famosa est cause. donationis. Among other methods of acquiring property, a great, much-used, and celebrated method is that of gift. Bract. fol. 11.

INTER ALIOS. Between other persons: between those who are strangers to a matter in question.

INTER APIGES JURIS. Among the subtleties of the law. See Arsx JURIB.

INTER BRAGI-IIA. Between her arms Fleta. lib. 1, c. 35, EE 1, 2.

INTER GBJTEROS. Among others; in

a. general clause; not by name. (nomiiiatim.)