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LEX EST NORMA RECTI Lex est mu-me x-ecti. Law is a rule of right. Branch, Princ.

Lex est ratio sumxnu, quse Juliet qua Innl: utilia et neeessaria, et eoutrnria prollibet. Law is the perfection of reason, which (-onini.-mds what is useful and necessary, and forbids the contrary. Co. Lltt 3191:; Id. 97h.

Lex est sauctio seneta, jubens honesta. et prohiheua oontrarin. Law is 11 sacred snuctiou, cummunillng what is l‘l,‘Zht, and pro- hibiting the contrary. 2 Inst. 687.

Le: est tutissima casein: sub ulypeo legis nemo decipitur. Law is the safest helmet; under the shield of the law no one is deceived. 2 Inst 56.


Lex favet doti. Jenk. Cent. 50.

law fax ors dower.

Lex flngit. ubi subsintit mquitas. 11 Coke 90. The law makes use of a fiction where equity subsists.

Le: lutendit vicluum viului facts Ieire. The l.lW intends [or presumes] that one neighbor knows what another neighbor does. C0. Lltt. 7317.

Le: Judieat de rebus neeessario faci- enllis quasi re ipsa fnctia. The law judges of things which must necessarily be done as it actually done. Bram-h, P1-inc.

Le: neoessitatis est lcx tempo:-is; i. e., instautis. The law of necessity 15 the law of the time; that is, of the instant, or pres» ent moment. Hob. 159.

Le: neminem oogit ad vans. seu in- utilia. peragenda. 'ihe law compels no one to do vuln or useless things. Co. LitL 19717; Broom, Max 252; 5 Coke, 21a.

Lex neminem eugit ostendere quad nesoix-e pmnsnxnitur. Lufft. 5H9. 'i‘he law compels no one to show that which he is presumed not to know.

Lex nemlni fucit injuriam. The law does injury to no one. Brunch,

Lex nexnini ope:-atur iniquum. The law works injustice to no one. Jenk. Cent. p. 18, case 33.

Le: nil fucit i’:-nstrs. The law does lJOU.l.1l.]g in vain. Jenk. Cent. p. 12, case 19; Broom, Max. 252; 1 Ventr. 417.

Le): nil frustra Juliet. The law com- mands nothing vainly 3 Buist. 280.

Le: um: a reg: est vialandn. J enk. Cent. 7. The law is not to be violated by the king.



Lex non eogit ad impossihilia. The law does not compel the doing of inipossibilitles. Broom, Mn: 242: Bob. 96.

Le: non ourat dc minimls. Hob. 88. The low cares not about trltles.

Lex non deficit in justitia exhibcndn. The law does not full in showing justice. Jenk. Cent. 1:. 31, case 61.

Lex non exacts delimit, sed in-bitrio bani viz-i pnunittit. The law does not do fine exactly, but trusts in the judgment of a good man. Bissell v. Briggs, 9 Mass. 475, 6 Am. Dec. 83

Lex non fnvet delicatorum vntis. The law favors not the wishes of the dainty. Broom, Max. 379; 9 Coke, 58.

Le: non intendit aiiquid impossibile. The law does not intend anything il.D1i0:iSl- hie. 12 Coke, 8911. For otherwise the law should not he of any effect

Lox non pntitur fx-netinnes et divisiones statuum. The law does not suffer fractions and divisions of estates. Br.u1ch, I-'1inc.; 1 Coke. 8711.

Le: non prsecipit luutilin, quiz: inutilin labor stultus. CU. Litt. 197. The law commsmls not uscles things, because use less labor is foolish.

Lex nun reqnirfl; verifies:-i quad appnret curiaz. The law does not require that to be verified [or proved] which is apparent to the court 9 Coke. Crib.

Lex plus laudatur qumndu ratione prolmtux-. The law is the more praised when it is approved by reason. Broom, Max. 159.

Lex posterior derogat prion-i. A later statute takes away the effect of a prior one. But the later statute must either ex1i1'e$Iy rcpeul, or he nmuifestly repugnant to, the

earlier one. Broom, Max. 29; lllackeld. Rom. L:1W. § 7. Lex pruspicit, non respicit. J enk. Cent.

284. The i.1w looks forward. not hacksrurd.

Lex puuit mendncium. The law punishes falsehood. Jenk. Cent. p. 15, case 26.

Lex rejicit nuperllua, pugnnntia, in- oongrua. Jenk. Cent. 133. The law rejects superfluous, contradictory, and incongruous things.

Lex rapruhat moram. Jenk. Cent. 35. The law dislikes delay. Lax respicit snquitatexn. C0. Lltt. 24b.

The law pays regard to equity.