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I/HNORA REGALLA. In English law. The lesser prerogatives of the crown, includ-

ing the rights of the revenue. 1 Bl. Comm. 241. MINORITY. The state or condition of

a minor: infancy.

The smaller number of votes of a dollherative assembly; opposed to majority. (which see.)

MINT. The place designated by law where hullion is coined into money under authority of the government.

Also a place of privilege in Southwurk, near the king's prison, where persons former-l_v sheltered themselves from justice under the pl'(-‘text that it was an ancient palace of the crown. The privilege is now abolish- cri “hartnn.

—Mint-mark. The masters and workers of the English mint, in the indentures made with them. agree "to make a privy mark in the money they make, of gold and sliver. so that they mnv know which moneys were of their own nrlkin,-1." After every trial of the pix, hnving proved their moneys to be lawful, they are entitled to their qm'ei‘u.\1 under the great sesi, and to be dist,-hnrgcrl from all suits or actions. Whnrtnn. — 'nt-master. One who manages the coin-


MINTAGE. The charge or commission tlkcn by the mint as a consideration for coining into money the hullion which is brought to it for that purpose; the same as “seigniorage."

Also that which is coined nr stamped as money; the product of the mini‘.

MINUS. Lat. In the civil law. Less; less than. The word had also. in some connections, the sense of “not at all." For ex- ample a deht rein.1iuin;: wholly unpaid was li('S(‘l'1hEd as “mimls solutmn."

Minus solw-it. qui tarrlius salvit. He does not pay who pans too late. Dig. 50. 16, 12, 1.

MINUTE. In measures of time or cir- cumference, a minuts is the sixtieth part of an hour or degree.

In practice. A memorandum of what takes place in court, made by authority of the court. Moore v. State. 3 Heisk. (Tenn.) 50!).

—-lVIinute—hook. A book kt-pt by the clerk or

prothonotary of a court for entering memornnda of its proceedings.

MINUTES. In Scotch practice. A iieading put into writing before the lord ordiuary, as the ground of his jud,t:u1cnt. Bell.

In business law. Memoranda or notes of a transaction or proceeding. Thus, the record of the proceedings at a meeting of di- rectors or slxarehoiders of a company is call- ed the “minutes."


MINUTIO.}} Lat. In the civil law. A lessening; diminution or reduction. Dig. 4. 5. 1.

MIRROR. The Mirror of Justice, or of the Justices. commonly spoken of as the “Mirror," is an ancient treatise on the laws of England, written during the reign of Ed- ward 11., and attributed to one Andrew 11o1-ne.

MIS. An inseparable particle used in composition. to mark an ill sense or denra\ation or the meaning; as "miscomputation" or “missccomptiug," i. c.. false reckoning. Sererai of the words following are illustrations of the force of this monosyiiahle.

MISA. In old English law. The misc or issue in a writ of rmht. Spehnun.

In old records. A compact or agreement: a form of compromise. CoweiL

MISADVENTURE. A mischance or at.‘- cident; u casualty caused by the act of one person and indictlng injury upon another. Homicide “by misadventure" is Where a man. doing a lawful act, without any intention of hurt, unfortunately kills another. 4 Bl. Comm. 182; Williamson v. State. 2 Ohio Cir. Ct. R. 202: Johnson v. State. 94 Ala. 35. 10 South. 6:7.

MISALLEGE. To cite falsely as a proof or argument.

MISAPPLICATION. Improper. illegal. urongful, or corrupt use or application of funds. property, etc. Jewett v. U. 5.. 100 Fed. 840. 41 C. C. A. 88; U. S. v. Youtsey (C. C.) 91 Fed. 807: U. S. v. Talutor. 28 Fed. Cas. 9.

MISAPPROPRIATION. This is not a technical term of law, but it is sometimes applied to the mlsriemcrmor which is com- mitted by a hanker. factnr. agent, trustee. etc, who fraudulently deals with money. goods. securities. etr.. tntrusted to him or by a director or public officer of a corporation or company who fraudulently missppiies any of its property. Steph. Crim. Du. 257. ct seq. ; Sweet. And see Winchester v. Howard. 136 Cal. 432. 64 Pac. G92. 81) Am. St Rep. 153; Frey v. Torrey. 70 App. Div. 166. 75 N. Y. Supp. 40.

MISBEHAVIOR. 1li conduct; improper or unlawful behavior. Verdicts are sometimes set aside on the ground of misheharinr of jurors. Smith v. Cutler. 10 Wend. (N. Y.) 590, 25 Am. Dec. 580; Turnhuli v. Martin. 2 Duly (N. Y.) 430; Stste v. Arnold. 100 Tenn. 307. 47 S. ‘V. 221.

MISCARRIAGE.}} In medical jurisprudence. The evpulsion of the arum or

emhyro from the uterus within the first six