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MUTUUM. Lat. In the law of bail- ments. A loan for consumption; a loan of chattels, upon an agreement that the barrower may consume them, returning to the lender an equivalent in kind and quantity. Slury, Baum. § 228; Payne v. Gardiner, 2.9 N. Y. 167; Downes v. Phcenix Bank, 6 Hill (N. Y.) 299: Rahilly v. Wilson, 20 Fed. Gas 181.

MYNSTER-HAM. Monastic habltation; perhaps the part of a monastery set apart for purposes at hospitality, or as a sanetuary for criminals. Inst. Eng.

Bl.Law Dict.(2d Ed.)—51



MYSTERY. A trade. art, or occupation. 2 Inst. 668. Master: frequently hind them- selves In the indentnres with their apprentices to teach them their art. trade, and mystery. State v. Bishop, 15 Me. 122; Barger v. Caldwell, 2 Dana (Ky.) 131.

MYSTIC TESTAMENT. In the law of Louisiana, :1 closed or sealed will, required by statute to be executed in a particular manner and to be signed (on the outside of the paper or of the envelope containing it) hy a notary and seven witnesses as well as

the testator. See Clv. Code In. art. 1581:.