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Gii 27. 1] S. D. 721; E[nf[ma.ns v. Walker, 26 Grst. (Va) 310.

By "payment" is meant not only the de- livcry of a sum of money, when such is the obllg.-ition of the (.‘0Dtl‘.l(‘, but the perform- an-.- of that ubich ilie parties respectively unilcrtook, whether It be to glve or to do. Cir. Code La int. 213].

Pcrtoiiiume of an obligation for the de- liieiy of uioi-oy only is called “paynient." Oiv. Code Cal § 1478.

In pleading. “ hen the defendant alleges than: he h is piiid the dcht or claim laid in the decl.-irzition. this l_s called a "plea of pay- iuent.”

-—-Part payment. The reduction of any debt or demand by the poymcut of 1) sum less than the \ili la amount flIl,Il.|Dlly duo Young V. Pi-ikins 21) Minn. 173. 12 N. W 15; Moffitt . h. —J0.'l, N. W. l 0. ‘SS Am St. In pi '1(‘[l(.‘9.

—-Paynient into emu- The act of a dl7lU(I int in dcpo g the amount which he nilmits to be due. vi the proper of- lu-vr of the court, for the benefit of the pinintiff and in nnsuer to his clziirn.—Vnlu.ntary pnynient. A |'J:l\'mPJJt made b a debtor of his oun “Ill and Llioite, as distiugnishcd from one evicted from him by pl‘0\FSS of EXECIIUOD or other cniimiilsiuii. Reiliuonil v. New York. 1%

‘ ""‘ 2 N. E. 727: liiuiiiord Chemical iiy, 19 R. 1. 450. 34 At]. 814; Tag-

3T Vt. 47: Maxwell v. Griswold, lo, 13 L. Ed. 40.3.

\\:r)rL:s v. giirt v. ll 10 How.

PAYS. Fr. Country. Trial per pays, trial by jury, (the country.) See PAIS.

PEACE. As applied to the affairs of a state or nation pence may be elther external or internal. In the foimer case, the term denotes the pre\.nleuce of aniicable relations and mutual good will between the particu- lar society and all foreign powers. In the latter case. it means the trnuquility. security, and freedom from commotion or disturb- ance which is the sign of good order and harmony and oliedlcnre to the laws among ail the members of the society. In a some- what technical sense, pence denotes the quiet, security, good order, and decorum which is guarsniied by the constitution of clvil soci- ety uud by the laws. People v. Rounds. (57 Mich. 492. 35 N. W. 77; Corvallis v. Cnrlile, 10 Or. 139. -15 Am. Rep. 13-}.

The concord or final agreement in a flne of lands. 18 Edw. I. "J.lodiLs Lcvuiidi I-"1'i1i's." —Articles of the peace. See ARTICLES.- pill of peace. See B1Ll..—B1‘cl!.cIl of peace. See ]_iIU:.\ClI—C01IlEl‘Vut0)‘ of the peace. '~ a C0‘v.1E'\;\'l(iI{.—-Justice of the peace. So: that titlc.—Pen::e of God and the ln old E1-/lush law. Thnt rest and czissfition which the king's suhjects had from tron In and sult of law |'-ntuonn the terms and on flu A vvs .ind holidays. (.on.ll; S; ‘min. — of the state. The protection. S('('ll'l'J- (Y. 3111 lllJlIJl.lniL\ from violence which the itate unihml ‘ to - lure and extend to all persons within jurisdii-vien and entitled to the bane- (it of its laws 'i‘uis is part of the definition of murder, it hcing necessary that the victim should be “in the ounce of the state," which now practically lliullldes all persons cszelit urined puhlic eneniies. See hlunnnn. And See State



17. Dnnkley, 25 N. C. l21.—Peaca offic This term is variously defined by A.-ituh ditferent states; but generally it incl: ilfs and their deputies, constntln. . members of the police force of oh.‘-1, and officeis whose dut the public pcnce. . ce People v. Chaim. “ Du. 478. 51 N. Y. Supp. 115; Jones v. V ' 65 S. W. 'l‘2.—PIi.blio p -

The peace or tranquillity of the cor .- 1 general; the good order nnd reprv ol tie ,. ple composinga state or I'Dllni(‘i|‘l llry 8|. ’ eudnrlf v. Liuryeii, 6 Dnly (N. Y.) ‘$0; ‘ Benedict, 1.1 Vt. fit), 34 Am. Dcc. L358»

PEACEABLE. Free from the chair of force, violence, or trespniovz us. a " able entiy" on lauds. “I‘(m('.e 1 slou" of real estate is such as is iicqul in by all other persons, including rivvd ants, and not disturbed by any fnrcihlj tempt at ouster nor by adverse suits in ._ cover the possession or the estate. . Stanley v. Scbwzilhy, 147 U. S 508. 13 Ct. 418, 37 L. Ed. 9'9; Allaire v. Ket . 55 N. J. Eq. 163. 35 Atl. 900: 1303:! Cherokee Bob, 45 Cu). 504; Gitten v. Lo 15 Ga 336.

Peccnta. contra natnrnm Ilult griivi aims. 3 Inst. 20. Crimes against niitiire are the most heinous.

Peccntnm peccatn addlt qui. oulpin qnam facit pat:-oclnin. defensionil ml- Junglt. 5 Cake. 49. He adds fault to f - who sets up a defense of a wrong coiuiui by hii.u.

PECIA. A piece or small quantity or ground. Paroch. Antlq. 246.

PECK. measure.

A measure of two gallons; 11 dry

Lat. In Ronuin law. C0 The term included ull quadru- Dig. 32, 65. 4.

PECORA. tle; DQ115128. peds that fed in flocks.

PECULATION. In the Civil law. The unlawful appropriation, by a depositary fl public funds, of the property of the govern-v’ meut intrnstod to his care. to his own IQ or that of others. Domnt. Supp, an Dnfl Puhllc. 1. 3, tit. 5. See Bork v. People, at N. Y. 16.

PECULATUS. Lat. In the civil law. The olfciisc of stenling or enihezzllix: the [VD- llc money. Hence the common E ..1l:.h vmtl “pcculntion." but "eml eizlciucnt” 0:1 tin proper legal term. 4 Bi. Couuu. 1:31. 12;

PECULIAR. In ecclesl-istlcnl law. A parish or church in I-‘u::l:1nd u hlv;-I1 has jfllfiv diction of ecclosltstical nizittcrs wltbln hull. and independent of the OI'(l.ll.i1\l‘y, and is sals- ject only to the inetropolil.-in.

PECULIARS, COURT 01‘. In English law. A branch of and auniiced to ibc court

of arches. It has 9. jI.11'l.SLliLl,l0l.l ox er all those