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Will you go to the Highlands, my jewel with me.
Will you go to the Highlands the flocks for to see.
It is health to my jewel to breathe the sweet air.
And to pull the blaeberries in the forest so fair.

To the Highlands my jewel I will not go with thee
For the road it is long and the hills they are high,
I love those vallies and sweet corn fields,
More than all the blaeberries your wild mountains yield.

Our hills they are bonny when the heather’s in bloom.
It would cheer a fine fancy in the month of June
To pull the blaeberries and carry them home,
And set them on your table when December comes on.

Out spake her father, the saucy old man,
You might have chosen a mistress among your own clan,
It’s but poor entertainment to our Lowland dames

To promise them heather and blue heather blooms.