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How call you me Allan when Sandy's my name,
Why call you me Allan sure you are to blame:
For don’t you remember when at school with me
I was hated by all the rest but loved by thee?

How oft have I fed on your bread and your cheese,
Likewise when you had but a handful of pease
Your cruel hearted father hound at me his dogs.
They tore my bare heels, and rave all my rags.

Is this my dear Sandy whom I lov’d so dear?
I have not heard of you this many a year,
When all the rest went to bed sleep was frae me
For thinking on what was become of thee.

My parents were born lang before me,
Perhaps by this time they are drown’d in the sea,
These lands and possessions they left them to me,
And I come for you, jewel, to share them with thee.

In love we began and in love we will end,
And in joy and mirth our days we will spend,
And a voyage to your father once more we will go,
And relieve the old farmer from his trouble and woe.

With men and maid servants us to wait upon,
So away to her father in a chaise they are gone,
The laddie went foremost, the brave Highland loun,
Till they came to the road that leads to the town.

When he came to the gate, he gave a loud roar,

Come down gentle farmer, Catherine’s at your door;