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and Europeans to read about and understand these similarities. It would help them gain the equanimity necessary to solve peacefully, and in the best interest of both sides, the disagreements between them.

The Civil War erupted, as all wars basically do, for economic reasons. General Lee was convinced that it could have been avoided if the proper spirit had inspired both North and South. Today, economic rivalry is inspiring misunderstandings and hostile feelings between the USA and Europe. With the fast economic development of China and Japan, which will increase competition, an economic war between the USA and Europe, both worlds of Judeo-Christian culture, will become really a Civil War. Thanks to the atom bomb it will probably not develop into a military one. It could, nevertheless, develop new forms, and cause uncountable miseries and local bloody fights.

Let us, therefore, endeavor to adopt Robert E. Lee's philosophy. The translation of this book is a minute effort in that direction.

Rémi Boissonnas