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"The Indians are nowhere in sight."

"They won't be showing themselves if they can help it. They spring on us— Hark!"

Peck broke off short, and both listened.

"Somebody is coming this way!" whispered the young officer. "Come, we must get out of sight!"

He took the wounded soldier by the hand, and with all speed the pair crept into some brushwood behind the big tree. In the meantime the footsteps of the unknown party came closer.

As the man came into view, Captain Moore let out a shout which was full of joy.

"Hank Leeson! How glad I am to see you!"

The old hunter started around and drew up his gun. Then the weapon dropped, and he ran forward.

"Captain Moore!" he ejaculated. "Hang me ef I aint glad to set eyes on ye! Who is that with you?"

"Private Peck of Company B. We've had a fight with the Indians, and a number of the soldiers were killed."

"The Injuns are on the warpath, along with the desperadoes under Matt Gilroy," returned Leeson. "I got the word from Sam Benson early this mornin'."

"And where was Benson?"