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JOSPEH GILLOTS very superior PATENT and other METALLIC PENS may be had of all
stationers, Booksellers, and other dealers of pens throughout the United Kingdom.

The great superiority of these pens and the Public's approbation, is attested by the continually increasing demand for them, and their entire adoption at the Bank Of England, and Her Majesty's Public Offices, where, it is known, the best articles only are admitted.

The number of pens Manufactured at the Works of JOPSPEH GILLOT,

From Dec 1841 to Dec 1842,

was 70,612,000
or 5,8884,333 dozens
or 490,361 gross

And from Dec 1840 to Dec 1841,

was 62,126,928
or 5,177,244 dozens
or 431,437 gross

These pens are made in every variety, suitable for the Medical and Legal Professions, Banking, Mercantine, and general purposes, and for schools.

It is requisite as a general "CAUTION", that the name JOSEPH GILLOT, is marked in full on EVERY GENUINE PEN; and vendors are desired to note that his Cards of pens are made up in packets of one dozen each, and are a label outside, with a fac-simile of his signature :-

The Genuine GILLOT'S PENS may usually be obtained at the regular dealer's shops at low prices as are generally demeanded by itinerant dealers, and others for those very inferior articles which are frequently plamed upon the Public as the real Gillot's Pens.

At the request of persons extensively involved in tuition, J.G has introduced his

WARRANTED SCHOOL PENS, which are specially adapted to their use, being different degrees of flexibility, and with FINE,MEDIUM and BROAD POINTS.

Wholesale and for Exportation at the Manafctory,
Also at 37, GRACECHURCH STREET, LONDON ? the managment of Mr. FOX, from the Manufactory, or from any of the Wholesale Stationers and Merchants in London &c.