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By Norwood Young, Author of "The Growth of Napoleon," etc. ; with a chapter on the Iconography by A. M. Broadley.

Demy 8vo, cloth gilt, with coloured frontispiece and 50 illustrations (from the collection of A. M. Broadley), 21/- net.

This work gives a most interesting account of Napoleon's residence in the Isle of Elba after his abdication at Fontainebleau on April 11th, 1814. Both Mr. Young and Mr. A. M. Broadley are authorities on Napoleonic history, and Mr. Broadley's unrivalled collection of MSS. and illustrations has been drawn ui)on for much valuable information.


By Norwood Young, Author of *' Napoleon in Exile at Elba," " The Story of Rome," etc.

In two volumes, demy %vo, cloth gilt, with two coloured frontispieces and one hundred illustrations (from the collection of A. M. Broadley), 32/- net.

A history of Napoleon's exile on the island of St. Helena after his defeat at Waterloo, June 18th, 1815. The author is a very thorough scholar and has spent four years' work on these two books on Napoleon in Exile. He has studied his subject on the spot as well as in France and England, and gives a very informative study of the least- known period of Napoleon's life.


By Harry Andrews, Official Trainer to the A. A. A., etc.

Crown %vo, cloth, with illustrations, 2/- net.

The athlete, " coming and come," has in this volume a training manual from the brain and pen of our foremost athlete trainer to-day. Every runner knows the name of Harry Andrews and his long list of successes — headed by that wonderful exponent, Alfred Shrubb. It is, however, for the self-training man that the Author explains the needed preparation and methods for every running distance. This most authoritative and up-to-date book should therefore prove of immeasurable assistance to every athlete, amateur or professional, throughout the Empire.


Crown 8t'o, cloth, 1/- net.

A simple and thoroughly practical and efficient code for the use of Travellers, Tourists, Business Men, Departmental Stores, Shopping by Post, Colonial Emigrants, Lawyers, and the general public. Everyone should use this, the cheapest code book published in English. A sentence in a word. -