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96 pages large 4to, double -columns, clear type on good paper, handsome cover design in three colours, 6d. net. Also in cloth, 1/- net.


Edited by Alfred H. Miles. Valuable Copjright and other Pieces by Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Edin Arnold, Austin Dobson, Sir W. S. Gilbert, Edmund Gosse, Lord Lytton, Coulson Kernahan, Campbell Rae -Brown, Tom Gallon, Artemus Ward, and other Poets, wits, and Humorists.

Mr. Miles' successes in the reciter world are without parallel. Since he took the field in 1882 with his Al Series, he has been continually scoring, reaching the boundary of civilisation with every hit. For nearly 30 years he has played a famous game, and his score to date is a million odd, not out ! The secret is, he captains such wonderful elevens, and places them with so much advantage in the field. Who could not win v,ith such teams as those named above. ?

Uniform with the above in Style and Price :


Edited by Alfked H. Miles. Valuable Copyright and other Pieces by great Authors, including Hall Caine, Sir A. Conan Doyle, Robert Buchanan, William Morris, Christina Rossetti, Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning, Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Max Adeler, and other Poets and Humorists.

"An idea! gift for your girls and youths for Christmas. It is just as admirable a production for grown-ups, and many a pleasant hour in the cold evenings can be spent by the fire with * The Up-to-date Reciter.' —Star.

" A very handy collection of recitations has been gathered here by Mr. Alfred H. Miles. The Editor has aimed at including poems and prose pieces which are not usually to be found in volumes of recitations, as well as a few of the old favourites . . . The grave and gay occasions are equally well provided for. A sign of the times is here, too, shown by the inclusion of such pieces as * Woman and Work ' and

  • Woman,' both from tlie chivalrous pen of the Editor." — The Bookman.

" A marvellous production for sixpence, excelleot in every respect." — Colonial Bookseller.