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 AFTERWARDS when they looked back upon that day, they knew that the thing had decided itself then, though neither of them had said so.

"The truth was," Robin used to say, "we had both been thinking the same thing as we always do, but we had been thinking it in the back part of our minds. We were afraid to let it come to the front at first, because it seemed such a big thing. But it went on thinking by itself. That time when you said, 'We shall never see it!' and I said, 'How do you know?' we were both thinking about it in one way. And I know I was thinking about it when I said, 'We are not going to stay here always. That is the first step up the Hill of Difficulty.'"

"And that day when you said you would not let it go by you," Meg would answer, "that was the day we reached the Wicket Gate."