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File No 1-0008



ADOPTED: May 13, 1964

RELEASED: May 20, 1964

MARTIN 404, N449A
JULY 2, 1963


A Mohawk Airlines, Inc., Martin 404, N449A, operating as Flight 112 from Rochester, New York, to Newark, New Jersey, crashed on the Rochester-Monroe County Airport July 2, 1963, at approximately 1649 e d t. Seven of the forty-three persons aboard, including both pilots, were fatally injured.

Flight 112 commenced a takeoff on runway 28 as a thunderstorm approaching from the west-northwest, moved over the takeoff runway. After becoming airborne and almost immediately after entering heavy rain and shifting wind conditions, the left wing of the aircraft made contact with the ground. In the ensuing cartwheel to a stop, the aircraft was destroyed by impact and fire.

The Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was a loss of control during an attempted takeoff into a severe thunderstorm.


Mohawk Airlines, Inc., Flight 112, a Martin 404, N449A, a scheduled passenger flight from Rochester, New York, to White Plains, New York, crashed at approximately 1649 e d.t[1] on July 2, 1963. A takeoff was attempted from the Rochester-Monrow County Airport in a severe thunderstorm. Seven of the forty-three persons aboard, including Captain Dennis and First Officer Neff, were fatally injured. This crew flew earlier in the day in an aircraft which was not involved in this accident. Also, this crew flew under different flight numbers and stopped at various Mohawk stations. Due to the importance of the day's happenings throughout the Mohawk Airlines system, mention is made of relevant occurences in a sequential order. Starting with the initial item of significance, the flight crew and stewardess had departed Buffalo, New York, at 1238, in another aircraft operated as Mohawk Flight 204, arriving at Ithaca, New York at 1308. After a short layover this crew was to fly aircraft N449A from Ithaca to Rochester as the last segment of Flight 115.

At approximately 1330, Flight 115 (N449A) departed New York City with another

  1. All times herein are Eastern daylight based on the 24-hour clock.