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Tavistock Records.

��CI)urcl)\Daineu£;' 9[ccounts,

[1385-86] Tauystoke — Account o{ Reginald Strepa,\wdirdtn of the light of the Church of the blessed Eustachius of Tauistoch, from the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross, in the year of the Lord, 1385, to the same feast then next following, in the year of the Lord 1386.

Arrears — The same received of iij^ ij*^ of arrears of the year preceding — Total iij^ ij*^.

Rents — The same received of iiij* ix*^ of rent of the park of crewelake for the year And of xij'^ of rent of the garden of Christina Crokker (c°kker) for the year And of vj*^ of rent of the garden formerly Robert Wodemanyswyll for the year And of ij* of rent of tenement formerly Robert brente for the year And of x*^ of rent of the garden which Richard spora now holds And of viij^ of rent of the garden of Saint Marie — Total ix^ ix*^.

Pence received — The same received of iiij^ vij^ vj"^ re- ceived of Thomas Icye, warden in the year preceding, as shown at the foot of his account And of xj* of link money (p'cunia lichenis) this year And of xviij^ received of wax money this year — Total cxvj* vj'^.

Full total received wath the arrears above vj^' ix^ v*^.

Buying ivax and tallow, with making the wax and other tilings to the same belonging — The same accounts — To cxl lib of wax bought this year, Wf x'\ price per pound v^ To xxxiiij lib of tallow for mortuaries [lights at tombs] bought this year, iij^ price per pound j*^ and ij more in all To links bought this year xij^' To making the wax [tapers] for the year ij* To fuel and provender about the making of the wax for the year, by custom ij^ — Total iij'' iiij^" x.


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