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4 Tavistock Records. [1392-1400

[1392-93] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. JoJut Tawitoiin, warden of the light.

Pence received — Paid by Andrezv Vendake, warden of the preceding year, Ixxiiij*^ v^' ob Link money for the year v^ Wax money for the year xix^ Of the executors of Henry Globbe for a legacy vj*^ Of the executors of Laurence Schakelok xij^^— Total iiij xix^ xj'* ob.

Rents [including a meadow at Tankardysham, formerly Walter Jurdan]— xiij^ viij*^ — Total receipts cxiij^ vij'^ ob.

Payments [among others] — Y for cxij^' of wax bought at Plymod, the carriage thence costing iiij'^ ; with xviij^* xxx^' v^* and xij bought at different times, the price per pound v*^ to vj*^ ob Tallow at j'* per pound, iij pieces vij", iiij^ x'^ Gathering rushes for the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist iiij'^ Rushes bought for strewing the rood loft before the high cross j'^ (solario st'aiedo cor alt crucis) Divers deaths for the year ij'^ Cord for the trendall and the lent cloth [the Lent cloth or veil hung before the rood, &c., during Lent] iij^' Speknaylys bought iij'^ ij lights (lucenis) bought for the window in the aisle of St. Blaise xij'^ Hiring a carpenter to fix the same iij*^ Cord bought to repair the cords of the bells and doing the same ob Making ij bells for the dead out of the parish metal xvj*^ Carriage of sand (zabuli) and mixing it with lime ij*^.

Total expenses cxxiiij® ij*^ Received for lights sold at the high cross iiij^* xiij** vj*^ Paid to Walter Bradclegh, warden for the next year, iiij^' xiij® vj'^.

[1399-1400] Feast to feast of Invention of Holy Cross. William Webber, warden.

Arrears received of John Hope, warden in the year preceding, xxxvij^ vij'^, and Wf iij'^ balance from previous year Wax and link money xxx^ viij'^ ob Old timber sold xvj*^ For the sale of trimmings of timber (spons da me'mij) vj*^ Old links iiij^.

\P roper ties paying rent — Garden formerly Robert Wode- manyswill ; garden late Christina Crokker ; tenement formerly Robert Brenta, in which Sibilla Durrant dwells ; barn formerly Walter Popelston ; garden commonly called Seyntemaryhaye ; meadow of John Glaucestre ; tenement of Richard Julkyn next to the mill of the Lord Abbot ; park of the same Richard at Creuwelake ; tenement of Margery Sopa — Total rents vijl]

Total receipts vj" xiij* viij ob.

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