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1 8 Tavistock Records. [1538-39

beryng of the Tymber into the churche in dryncke ij** Itm for Carynge oute of the Skole of the churche ij** ob Itm paide to William glasier for mendyng of the ledds ou' the Wardeyns Sege [seat] xviij'^ Itm for Redynge of the passion on palme Soundaye ij'^ Itm for Wyne then ij<^ Itm for Ryppyng of the helyng for to hange vpp the lampe & for helynge of the same agayn ij*^ Itm for makyng Clene of the glasses in the Churche ayenst Ester v*^ Itm paide to Alsen Smale for Skorynge of iij Chandelers and the lampe v*^ Itm for beryng of the Crosse in the rogacion Weke ij*^ Itm for a newe aulter Clothe for saynt John is yelde xv'^ Itm for a newe Rachett viij'^ Itm for mendynge of a look to the Coffer that kepith Synggying bredd [wafers for the Communion] in j'* Itm for iij queres of paper for the newe booke vj'^ Itm for makyng of newe keyes to the cases of the Candelstycks iiij*^ Itm paide to S"" John Jhus priste for his yeres Waigs vj" For bredd and Wyne xv]*^ Itm paide to William master for a yeres Waigs xxvj^ viij*^ Itm paide vnto the Sexton for a yeres Waigs x® Itm paide to William Euscott for Carynge oute of Stones & bones oute of the churche yarde ij*^ Itm for makynge of this accompt ij^ Itm paide to my Clerk for makyng of my books and for getheryng my rents hoc a" viij'^.

Total repairs (repacionis) x" xvij® xj'^ Exequies xviij^ iiij'^ Total expenses xj xvj^ iij*^ John Lybbe warden succeeding.

[An inventory of the church goods in Latin follows, Collen acknowledging them as in his custody, and handing them to Libby in the presence of the parishioners. The list is of peculiar interest, as immediately preceding the Reformation.] Three silver chalices, one gilt ; two silver vials (or cruets) ; a stone of the beryll, with silver gilt setting ; a box containing hair of the Blessed Mary, St. Katherine, and the blessed Mary Magdalene; a little cross of silver, the gift of John Armytt [John the Hermit], in which is a piece of the holy Cross ; a cross of silver gilt, with figures of the blessed Mary and St. John the Evan- gelist ; two silver candlesticks ; a cup of silver gilt ; a pax [a tablet kissed by the worshippers], with a crucifixion and figures of the Blessed Mary and St. John the Evangelist, the gift of John Sawell ; a beryl (vnam lapidem de le Berell), the gift of John Sampson ; a pix of silver for bearing the body of our Lord to the sick ; two censers of silver, one being the gift of Richard Cade ; a ship of silver ; a great cross of silver gilt, with a crucifixion and the figures

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