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Mt. Stephen Rocks and Fossils

shale and its contained Middle Cambrian fauna may be found on page . In a siliceous shale about one-half mile east of the great fossil bed the following species were found:

Obolus mcconnelli (Walcott)
Nisusia (Jamesella) cf. nautes Walcott.
Hyolithes carinatus Matthew.
Orthotheca, species undetermined.
Scenella varians Walcott.
Ptychoparia, species undetermined.

2. Thin bedded, bluish-black limestone forming dark broken cliff in many sections 325 ft.
Fauna—Middle Cambrian.
In the upper portion of this formation just beneath the Ogygopsis shale in a bluish-black shaly limestone in the amphitheatre between Mount Stephen and Mount Dennis the following species of fossils were found:

Obolus mcconnelli (Walcott)
Acrotreta depressa Walcott.
Hyolithellus annulata (Matthew)
Ptychoparia, species undetermined.
Neolenus serratus (Rominger)
Ogygopsis klotzi (Rominger)

At another locality just east of the great "fossil bed" there were found in the limestone beneath the Ogygopsis shale the following species of fossils:

Micromitra, species undetermined.
Nisusia alberta Walcott.
Hyolithes, species undetermined.
Bathyuriscus rotundatus (Rominger)
Neolenus serratus (Rominger)