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Sae square and stark the Tea-chest frowned
Athwart the upper air,
But when the Trench our Willie saw,
He thocht the Tea-chest fair.

Sae murderous-deep the Trench did gape
The parapet aboon.
But when the Tunnel Willie saw.
He loved the Trench eftsoon.

'Twas mirk beneath the tane archway,
'Twas mirk beneath the tither;
Ye wadna ken a man therein.
Though it were your ain dear brither.

He turned him round and round about.
And looked upon the Three;
And dismal grew his countenance.
And drumlie grew his e'e.

'What cheer, what cheer, my gallant knight?'
The gate-porter 'gan say.
'Saw ever ye sae fair a sight
As ye have seen this day?'

'Now haud your tongue of your prating, man:
Of your prating now let me be.
For, as I'm true knight, a fouler sight
I'll never live to see.